Need floorplan help quickly, please!

jln6118October 12, 2012

Hi everyone. I'm need to the forum, but I've been lurking for some time lol.

I'm in the beginning stages of building a home, and I need some help with the kitchen. I love floor plan of the rest of the home, but I feel like the kitchen, as it is now, will be lacking in countertop/prep space. There's a nice island, but it's bi-level, so I doubt I'll be doing much prep on the higher side where the stools will be. I've attached a picture for your reference.

My main concern is the left wall. There's a 2'10" countertop with base and upper cabinets, a space for a standard fridge, and another section of 2'10" countertop/cabinets. I'm trying to find a way to maximize the countertop space that I have, and I think the small 2'10" counter tucked into the corner between the fridge and the pantry wall will be pretty much wasted. Therefore, I'm considering swtiching the countertop and the fridge, as shown in the picture, that way I'll have nearly 6' of uninturrpted countertop on that wall. What do you think?

My biggest concern is that then the fridge faces another countertop, so if someone is at the fridge with the doors open, there won't be much room to maneuver behind them to get to the pantries or to the dining room beyond (there is another entrace to the DR from the hallway). But really, how much time does one spend standing in front of the fridge? I wouldn't mind having the countertop behind me, then I can turn around and place things on the counter as I pull them out, rather than having to reach around the side by side doors.

What about aesthetics of the kitchen? By putting the fridge in the corner, do you think the kitchen would look unbalanced?

The designers had to have a reason for splitting the countertops like that, but I can't see it (unless it was just so that they could use smaller pieces of granite for the countertops and save money!). Can anyone clue me in?

I don't have much freedom with the floor plan, so my options are: leave the kitchen floor plan as is or switch the fridge and counters as described. I need to give the builder a decision in the next couple days, so any advice you all could offer would be great! Thanks!

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What do you think you would use a longer length of counter for? I ask because given your current layout, it would seem to me that the counters next to the range and sink will be the ones with the most use. A work space next to the fridge ( across from the cooking/prep/wash stations) seems like it wouldn't get much use anyway. Functionally, I like that the fridge is in the middle of your cooking and cleaning areas, and visually, I think it is more appealing this way. I vote for the current layout.

Can you change the 2-level island to one level? You may get your larger counter space this way.

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Thanks for your input! Yeah, I don't know how much use it would get except for an infrequent extreme baking session or when prepping for a large family get together... It's more that I like the idea of having a great big stretch of uninterrupted counter space, in case I ever do need it.

No, I can't get a one level island in this floor plan - I had considered that too.

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In this situation you should really pick out the exact fridge. French doors? side hinged? freezer drawers or door?
you say standard fridge-but that can mean various things. You have wiggle room with fridge going to the left a bit,expanding some counter to the right of fridge[would be valuable]..but if you pick a certain model with depth or a certain door configuration, maybe not. It is a compact, small to average sized kitchen-I'd do a single bowl sink so you'd get more counter around sink. Try to shift the range one way or the other. Usually one sets up their cooking ingreds and items on one side or the other of the range-so that preferred side is much better a little bigger. The smaller side is handy-say for spoon rest/cookingoils/pot holders-smaller usage and "landing" of hot items/etc. Having 15-18 inches on one side of range and say 3 ft or so to spread things out for prep and cooking on the other side would be much better than 2 small segments on each side.Hope you really love your new home!

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