Michelle16-DW and cabinet question

ArchitectMammaOctober 20, 2012

I came home after meeting you at Dutchwood and searched for pics of your finished kitchen since I drew a blank on it when we met. I forgot that it is yours that is one of my faves! I am very excited to get this show on the road with DW. They seem so slow and bogged down that it makes me nervous. BUT, they are still saying delivery/install the first week in December.

One of the details that I really like from your kitchen is the cork on the back of the pantry door. Did DW do that for you? The knife storage under your cutlery divider is great. Have you had any problems/concerns with young kiddos reaching in there? Also, any advice regarding DW? I am working with James and Lorna.

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Hi ! I will email you! Thanks! Michelle

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Hi Michelle16

I am also beginning the process with DW - if you have any thoughts to share on working with them I would be so appreciative if you would contact me, as well. Thank you!

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I just went to look at my finished DW cabinets yesterday, and they are everything I'd hoped. I can't wait to pick them up next Friday (we are doing the install ourselves). Despite how busy DW has been, our cabinets were finished right when they promised. They don't disappoint.

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Awesome to hear Sherriode! Please post photos soon!!

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I emailed u both, please let me know if you got it! Thanks! michelle

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Everytime I see DW, I think it's dishwasher. Dutchwood needs a new GW acronym. I propose we call it DuWo. Hey, it worked for JLo!

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