Show me your biscuit silgranite sinks! Please...

christen7October 23, 2008

Hi all!

Demo started today-YIPPEE!! We thought we were going to be able to keep our current SS sink but the contractor couldn't get it off the old granite without bending it (it's undermounted with silicone) soooo...looks like we are going to need a new sink afterall.

I am interested in the silgranite sink in biscuit as we are going with golden caramel granite (has creamy tones) and deep warm cherry cab's. Does anyone have any pic's to share?

Thanks in advance!!

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Here's pics of our biscuit silgranit sink. It sometimes clashes slightly with our granite which is more cool, but it sounds like it will go beautifully with your golden caramel granite - please post pics of it as it sounds yummy!

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redroze...could I beg you to post one more photo "up close" showing your granite and your sink? I am choosing lowly Formica but would love to be able to see if I think the biscuit color would work with it. You've already helped me immensely. I was thinking of a black sink and now I'm not so sure.

By the way, I think your granite and sink are beautiful! I love the shape of your faucet, too.


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Thanks so much redroze! Love it! What is your granite?

Also, how do you like the one bowl sink. I have always been adamant about having a smaller bowl for my disposal (yes, we always have dishes in the sink tsk tsk...) but LOVE the look of the large single bowl. Decisions, decisions...

Here is a link that might be useful:

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mustbnuts zone 9 sunset 9

That granite is gorgeous! It is going to look beautiful with the silgranite sink. Congrats. Great choice!

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christen 7 that granite is absolutely beautiful! Do you know if it goes by another name? I think it would also go with the Cafe Brown Silgranite sink.

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Pfmastin - Thank you so much, and no begging necessary! My advice is to go to your local Home Depot or sink/faucet store and see the biscuit colour in person, and bring a sample of your Formica. So as not to take over this post, here is one close-up photo of our Bianco Antico granite and a link to more photos.

Redroze's Granite Install

Christen7 - I l-o-v-e the single bowl sink, but I don't know if I would have done it without a prep sink in the island which we have. I don't have a disposal (in Canada we have a "green bin" program for food waste). That golden caramel is wonderful!!! I agree, I think the brown silgranit sink would look great with it and you won't have to worry about matching the tones BUT I have a weird feeling biscuit will look good too.

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I chose the biscuit silgranit because it went well with my granite which I describe as tan/caramel color with some quartz and also grey veining. It was sold under the name Sunny Flower but was probably named after importing. Anyways, I've had the sink about 5 months and absolutely love it! I hope you'll be just as happy.

Here is a link that might be useful: biscuit sink with tan & carmel colored granite

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Thank you redroze! This has been a big help. I went to HD last night with Formica sample in hand and guess what? No one was working in the kitchen/bath dept, there were no Pegasus sinks in biscuit....and no samples to look at. Sigh. It might be worth a trip to Raleigh to see and touch a real sample. Yours looks beautiful!


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CMPM-sorry it took me so long to reply (demo in process...) I'm not sure if the Golden Caramel granite goes by another name, I asked the granite guy if it might also be called 'Golden Oak' but he said that that is different and that Golden Caramel is somewhat "new" to our area (Milwaukee Area)

pfmastin-I also went to HD to look and could only find one (on display, 20 ft. up in the air) called "Sandstone".

At any rate, my husband has vetoed the Silgranite (I was 50/50 for SS anyway) and we are going to go with the creased stainless (Ticor). Aye, aye, aye we're just all over the place with our decisions...

Thanks for all the help-I really appreciate it!

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christen7: We are also from the Milwaukee area and have chosen Golden Caramel. Are you happy with your choice? I'd love to see pictures. My husband wants to do the Golden Caramel on the perimeter and black on our island. Not sure about the black island though. Thanks.

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