Does My Kitchen Need 42" Cabinets?

iamweaselOctober 4, 2013

We are building a house that has a kitchen just like this model house. My wife likes the staggered look of the top of the cabinets. (So do I given our current house has the straight top edge all the way around so this makes it different for us.)

That being said, the tallest cabinets here are 36-inches. The opposing wall to this has more cabinets with a similar look. I am wondering if I should add 6-inches to all the cabinets. There is TONS of cabinet space so I'm not doing it for that. It just seems like every where I turn 42-inch cabinets is "the thing to do" and I always want to have resale in mind.

I don't know how much they would charge for the extra height on all the cabinets but I would think it'll be a few G's.

What does everyone think? Thanks in advance for the input.

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i had 42" vs36" priced out too thinking it would be a lot, but it is very minimal and can you ever have too much storage space? i havent done my kitchen yet but hope to do 42" when i do!

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Agree with Ardcp's post. How high is the kitchen ceiling? Is it 9'?

Also think about having to clean the top of the cabinets with the space above them. Those tops will be dust collectors, and you or your wife will have to climb a stepladder to get up there to clean them. Better to have the cabs touch the ceiling and not deal with that issue.

Also, as you've noted, the shorter cabs are "what's available" by the builder. That's why they're considered a more mass market look that is found in thousands of developments. It's also a slightly more difficult instaaton for cabinets to touch the ceiling, because ceilings are all slightly uneven (it's done all the time though so don't worry; but developers are looking for the easiest possible). Those are reasons that 42" height cabinets to the ceiling are considered more high-end. Also consider a stacked look of a 30" cabinet with a shorter cabinet stacked above it to the ceiling. I think it's a good idea to mix these looks, e.g. one wall have stacked cabinets, and the other have 42" cabinets.

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I don't care for the staggered look, but I like a very simple, clean, streamlined look in the kitchen.

I would take the cabinets to the ceiling -- part to avoid the need to clean the top, part to make it streamlined. I suspect that'd be 42". I like the stacked look with a shorty cabinet on top.

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Cabinets to the ceiling is my preference. Also, read the posts regarding as many drawers as possible for bottom cabinets. It will also add to your cost but drawers are wonderful!

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Absolutely do 42" uppers. But better yet, take them to the ceiling with a beautiful crown molding. You won't regret it but you might if you don't.

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larecoltante Z6b NoVa

My vote also is for all 42" cabinets. I'm not sure why, but shorter ones always remind me of a handsome man whose tuxedo trousers are too short. :-)

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All the way to the ceiling. No such thing as too much storage. There's no rule that you can't put Christmas decorations or old tax return in upper cabinets, if you have the space.

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If it is in your budget and you need the storage then go for it.

We have 9 ft ceilings and even with 42" uppers they still wouldn't go all the way to the ceiling. It would have cost us way too much to get them to the ceiling. Anyways, do we mind dust collecting up on top of the cabinets? Nope, not in the least, as it is not visible to anyone:-p

We ended up with a mix of 36" and 42", as we actually like the cityscape look. We also have a ton of storage space now, so the extra cost of taller uppers would have been just been a waste of money for us.

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To the ceiling....more storage, no win.

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I too like the staggered look and find the 42 inch cabinets are good if you really need the storage.
If you have 9 foot ceilings and enough storage, I would consider a staggered look. To clean the top of cabinets just lay shelf liner or newspaper on top and replace once in a while.

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