Insight into Dutchwood Process

ArchitectMammaOctober 2, 2012

I have been lurking on this website since July when when the second oven blew on our 20 year old 48 inch Viking and we decided to renovate our kitchen. It has been an interesting process as I am an architect but had never tried to do something on a budget less than $1200 a square foot. (outrageous, I know!)

So, after much custom cabinet research and getting quotes in the NYC/NJ area, I was thrilled to hear about Dutchwood through this site (less than HALF the other quotes and equal quality). I visited them and we signed on in early September. Since then, we have had a visit from Irvin to measure but radio silence otherwise. We sent them 7 pages of architectural drawings. They are so nice and I hate to hound them...but what has been the process or timeline for the rest of you? The lack of communication has me nervous.

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You need to reach out to them. They are very very busy. There have been several posts from people who are getting "no" from inquiries that are outside their 2 hour radius. However, since they had already agreed to doing your kitchen (even if you are outside that radius) I'm sure they will honor it.

There was never a lull in communication in my case...but that was because my brain never turned off and I kept sending ideas in for Jason to look at!!!

Call them. It's best.

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Thanks. I did speak with them this week and it was no surprise that the delivery and installation moved out a couple of weeks from our last discussion. We'll have the kitchen by Christmas and I do feel lucky that we somehow managed to get them to do our kitchen given the distance. I'll dive into my search for the perfect slab of madre perola in the meantime and hopefully the weeks will fly by!

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