Does anyone know why some posts duplicate themselves?

may_flowersOctober 3, 2013

All of a sudden my posts are duplicating. I'm not doing anything differently. When I've seen it happen to others, I always thought they were impatient and clicked on Submit twice. It sure is annoying.

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By chance are you on an iPad ? I have had that problem on the iPad when I hit the back button.

It only duplicates the post when I preview the message, make a change, preview again, and then submit. If I only preview one time & submit, I do not get a duplicate when I hit the back button.

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The only time it's happened to me (on MacBookPro) is when I've gotten impatient and pressed "Submit" before the post confirmation displays. You must wait for it!!!

Also, should you hit the back button, thinking you'll go back to the board, it will duplicate your action, i.e., re-post.

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It happens to me when I use preview on the iPad. It posts immediately when I hit preview and then again after I make changes. If I don't make changes then when I try to post it refuses because it's a duplicate.
It seems you have to post and then make changes through the edit process.

This is after I made corrections.

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One way to prevent duplicate posts on an Apple computer at least, is to reset your browser window.

By back button, PP are referring to the back arrow in the left upper corner of your screen.

To prevent duplicate posts, GW has "return to kitchen forums" for example, at the top of the threads.

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Same issue as linelle when on a Windows PC ... hit the submit button twice, or hit the "back" arrow ... either will duplicate a post.

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Thank you! Fingers off the back button from now on!

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It happens to me on a lenovo laptop. so the problem is hitting the back button?

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When I am on my laptop (IBM/Lenovo), I use the drop down on the back button and go all the way back to the main forum list home page at one time. I don't 'back' up through each of the pages individually (submit, preview, thread, home). I never have the duplicate post problem on the laptop. Only on the iPad and only when I preview more than once before submitting. Also, I have never had the problem of the preview working as a submit.

I suggest going to the test forum and testing out different ways of doing it to see if you can duplicate the problem you are having. Then you will know what to do to avoid it.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I didn't know about the test forum. I followed the link, started a thread, then tried to post. The thread doesn't even appear.

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Hitting the back button after submitting a post usually brings up a dialog window asking if you really want to repeat the action (or words to that effect). You don't want to do this. Hit cancel. I have GW on my bookmark bar (Mac). After I post I hit that, which reloads GW and puts me back at the Kitchens page. Even so, I refresh the URL so that the list of threads gets repositioned.

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Thinking some more on this...I usually check my posts after they've been posted to make sure they're there, and I haven't seen two posts when checking. But I've come back to threads and have then seen a second post.

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debra, I can see your thread as well as the follow up post on the test forum.

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I'm glad others have had this problem. I hope readers don't take repeated posts the wrong way.

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