Whitehaven 30" or 36", need to make a decision

mommy2nkOctober 23, 2012

I am trying to decide between the 30" and the 36" Whitehaven sink. I found a local place that has 1 of each in stock. The 30" is $609.90 and the 36" is $60 more, not a big differenc. I am used to a 30" sink, that is what I have now but think having a little more would would be nice. I am wondering if the the 36" will be too much. My kitchen is 17x16, the dishwasher will move over slightly. There are a few pictures below of the sink wall. Please give me your opinions, thanks! Oh, and the cabinet guy says the 36" would fit fine cabinets spacing wise.

Yellow tape 30" Blue tape 36"

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I think the 36" would look great!

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AboutToGetDusty it's because of you that I even know about the Whitehaven. Your kitchen is beautiful! Do you love the sink, I hope so! It is such a great price compared to others. So, I guess I am just wondering if it would just look huge, like an eyesore. The other thing will it look strange being next to the corner (left side). I am not to worried about the cabinet spacing because my cabinet guy will adjust if needed. I know it is only 6 inches more and my window is 46 so that all will fit. Either way it is going to be the 36" or the 30", I just need some encouragement to go ahead and go big!

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Your 36" will only seem huge at first. I have a 36" single bowl and I LOVE it. If you're already thinking it would be nice to have the extra space, then go for it. You won't regret it.

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I don't post much, but I think you should go as big as you can, as long as you can have a way to use a cutting board on the sink when needed. That gives you effective prep space when you need it and more sink when you need that.

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Thanks, mommy2nk :-) Love it so far, and I had the same concern (my sink before the reno was smaller, so I was worried about the 30"). I like my grates, but they mark up the sink when I move them to clean underneath (thankfully the black marks come right off with Barkeepers Friend). Turns out I love the Whitehaven, and sometimes I wonder if I should have done 36, but then I wouldn't have my two 3" Rev-a-shelf pullouts on either side, which I now love. Your kitchen is bigger, and I think it can definitely handle the bigger sink. In fact, in your "current kitchen" pic, I think your 30" looks small in your space. 36" would be right at home!

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Well, I went ahead and bought the 36". I think it will probably be huge (at first) but I think I am going to love it! I like your pullouts, soapstone, cabinets, well just about everything in your space. I do think those pullouts are pretty neat, love the Keurigs being stored there. I had noticed that the grates were stainless steel and wondered about markings. How are you liking our soapstone? I love the look but worry about the upkeep. I will be back with more questions as the months go on!
Thanks so much!

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Loving my soapstone! At first, the wax the fabricator put on it seemed to create spots (like the wax coming off here and there) whenever I cleaned it. After a couple of weeks, it all evened out. At first I oiled it all the time...but I haven't oiled it in weeks, and love the feel and look too. To me, it's fun to play with it! My old kitchen was so terrible, falling apart at the seems..that now I am keeping the new digs pristine just because I love touching and looking at it all. Although I baby the counters, DH and the kids sure don't, and so far so good! The only thing I'd say about the upkeep is that we have hard water, so if I want the counters to look their best, I really need to make sure the soap is wiped off well and then the counters are quickly wiped dry...otherwise I see some residue (just like the shampoo that stubbornly stays in my hair, lol). But hopefully if we can get a water softener installed soon, it won't be a problem for long.

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We have hard water too, such a pain. Soapstone is so beautiful but I think budget wise I will need to stick with granite. I have one last question about your faucet. This sink is deep and the 30" and the 36" are the same depth. How is your faucet working out? Is it the Rohl Country Kitchen? I saw they have one that has an extended spout of 11", is that what you got? I am also considering a pulldown faucet: http://www.grohecatalog.com/product/33870-bridgeford but I am concerned about the reach. Let me know what your thoughts are, thanks so much!

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Yup, it's the Rohl Country extended faucet. I cannot imagine not having the extended - in fact, I wish it were extended even more! (I love the look and feel of the faucet and sink, and I love how deep the sink is front-to-back (deeper than other sinks I believe)...but I am tall and sometimes my back can ache if I'm leaning a bit and washing pots and pans for extended periods of time). I will mention that the faucet makes a moaning sound on and off, which is annoying, and different plumbers say different things about what could possibly be causing the sound. I have to call Rohl soon and pick their brains...

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I was wondering about the depth, it really seems like quite a bit of space from the front of the sink to where the faucet will be. I am 5'4, so not tall but I want to make sure I get the right faucet. I have also have been considering the one springroz got (the Elkray bridge) it also comes in a single hole version with a deeper reach:

I hope it won't be a problem. What other thoughts do you have regarding faucets, any others you would consider a good choice?

I am also curious what fridge you have, I am in the market for all new appliances too!
Thanks so much!

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I don't know if it it would change your opinion about the size of the sink but my kitchen is more like 15 x 12 plus a pantry. I went off of the real estate listing vs. acutally measureing it myself. I walked it out and it isn't as big as what I had posted. I am picking up the sink tomorrow so if you think that change what the sink size should be, let me know.


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I still think you're fine with the 36". As for faucets, with this sink I wouldn't go any less of a reach if that makes sense. Not sure what the reach is on the other faucets you're considering? That's the one thing that surprised me about the sink - how far it seemed from front to back! If I were you, I might post a separate post asking about faucet recs considering this sink? I admit it - I picked the Rohl Country purely on looks (I originally was going to get the Danze Opulence, which looked similar to me, but my plumber poo-pooed the Danze). The store sold me the extended reach - I didn't even know to ask. Phew! I can't imagine a faucet that I'd have to reach for more than this one ;-)
My fridge is a Kitchenaid french door, counter-depth. Since our kitchen is small, I felt counter-depth was my only choice. It's taller than most refrigerators (except for pricey built-ins of course).

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Christina, here's an old thread that you may find helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Whitehaven and faucet discussion

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Thank you! Oh I didn't realize I signed my name. We are signing the contract for our cabinets on Monday so I need to figure my fridge and dishwasher out soon. The sink was the easy part! I am guessing it is going to be harder to narrow appliances down and now the faucet..haha! Thank you for the link!

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