Cutting board over sink - stone fabrication/ template advice need

lalitharOctober 30, 2012

I am hoping to do a positive reveal for both my sinks so that I can use the lip for cutting boards. Is cutting the stone for this a very specialized job? We have Belvedere Soapstone so it is reasobly thick (3cm). What should I go over with the stone fabicator during templating so that he gets it right.


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I believe this is a standard cut requiring normal stone cutter skills. Your sink probably came with a template for the granite guy to use to make the sink cut out. In your case he would cut away just a bit more to give you a positive reveal. The only trick here is to be sure that your sink has sufficient lip to both have some exposed and to have enough left under the granite to secure the sink to the underside of the granite. In our case we sent our entire sink in the shipping box with the fabricator so he would make whatever measurements he needed. This should not be a big deal.

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thanks suzanne.. There is cardboard cutout in the box (I just checked. So hopefully he will take care of this.

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I wanted a positive reveal too, but after talking to the folks at Ticor, I changed it so the cutting board rested on the counter, not the sink edge. BUT, the fabricator said that the template that came with the sink wasn't right. If he hadn't had my cutting board (came with the sink) it wouldn't have fit.

So I think if the fabricator has your sink and cutting board, it won't be a problem. Mine ended up being a flush reveal, which makes me think the cutting board really was supposed to sit on the sink edge.

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marti8a, I also bought a sink from Ticor with a cutting board. I assumed a positive reveal will happen. What did Ticor tell you? Sorry if I'm hijacking the thread here?

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The man at Ticor said the cutting board was meant to sit on top of the granite, not inside it. I emailed Galaxy Tool where I bought the sink and they said it could go either way.

Since my fabricator said he didn't think there was enough lip to support the sink with a positive reveal, I took Ticor at their word.

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Thank you marti8a. I will call Galaxy Tool also.

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