Where to put the faucet?

athenabOctober 28, 2012

I have seen so many pictures of sinks on GW, but none of them seem to be straightedge 70/30 sinks. My sink is going to be right under the kitchen casement window. If I put the faucet on the sink divide, I'm not sure I can rinse the sink without always using the hose. PITA. Would it look odd to center the faucet on the window? Does anyone have a sink like mine? Straightedge 70/30? Any pics?

Thank you!

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LOL, I am in the same boat. Here is a link to my post with very similar question. I eventually changed my sink to Silgranite w/same dimensions. I have decided to center faucet on window and allow sink to be offcenter as was suggested by those who responded to my thread. Mine is not in yet or I would provide a picture.

Here is a link that might be useful: where to center sink

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haha....we're not alone! I think I'm going to end up doing that too. Have you decided which side your smaller bowl will be on and why? I have a 50/50 sink now so the guess work is done for me. At first I thought I would put the smaller sink on the side I prep, but then, won't I be washing everything in the bigger sink? I hope this 70/30 idea is a good one! I'm definitely feeling like the more I know, the less I know! haha

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I have a 70/30 sink right now and I love it! I have the small bowl on the prep side because that's the side with the GD. It's true that I soak my parsley in the big side, but it's no trouble to move it from there to the counter across the small side. I can't speak to the placement, but I wanted to reassure you about how functional the sink is!

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Thanks for the info justmakeit. Glad you are happy with the sink. Interesting that you have the small bowl on the prep side too. What about if you're washing fish or chicken and then you drip into your clean bowl? I know I'm ridiculous! I wonder if I should put it on my counter and kind of 'live with it' without connecting it to see what feels right?

Thanks again!

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I agree, smaller side will be on the prep side. This is a big decision for me because it will be reverse of previous sink. Crossing my fingers.
I still have so long to wait though. I probably won't have a sink until December- sigh.....

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It is the logical answer I suppose. I'm just trying to figure out what that small bowl can actually be used for other than throwing things down the GD?

localeater, is your sink back-ordered? Why December?

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No, not back ordered, we are just slow, or maybe fast..... SInce we are trying to do alot of the work ourselves, we had to ensure that our project plan had ample time in it for, well, life.
If either of our son's football teams had made states we have lost extra week ends. If they both did we would have lost two or three weekends. Neither did so we are ahead of schedule, but our cabinet maker is not.
Our kitchen floors are done, lighting except over island is in, finished spackling, sanding this week and all I need to do is paint the ceiling before work tomorrow and I can put away the tarps. And wait for the cabinet maker to be done.

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Hi athenad,

My former sink was a 70/30, and the faucet was placed at the divide, so not centered. It looked good to me, although I would think centered would look perfectly fine, too.

Madeline :)

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