extra cabinets to go with golden oak?

flowerdotOctober 9, 2013

Hi all, I'm looking to add a set of cabinets and pantry to this open wall in my kitchen. I actually like the oak cabinets, and just want something that coordinates with them. Any ideas of what would look good with these? I was kind of thinking of getting some unfinished oak cabs and staining them very dark so it coordinates but doesn't look like it was trying to match perfectly. We are in the process of putting natural hickory floors in here as well. Thanks for any ideas you have!

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A cabinet maker can make cabinets to match. Of course the price might be more than you want to pay. Would be beautiful!

I like your cabinets too! Pretty!

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Hi. Perhaps a cabinet piece that looks like furniture. I would think black would go nicely with the black appliance fronts and the hickory floors. I came across exactly what I am thinking a few days ago and thought I saved the link, but I cannot find it. The other thing to think about is something that stands alone that you can take with you if you think you will move.

I had a similar dilemma in 2008 and ended up having a local carpenter make me something.

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A lot of people have pulled out those cabinets. You might want to check out places like Restore or check craigslist to find a set that would match or come close.

Don't know where you are located, but here in the Baltimore/Washington area we have a number of Restores as well as Second Chance, The Loading Dock and Community Forklift.

I do like the idea of a "furniture" piece though.

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I think something in a dark color would look fantastic, especially when I think about the hickory floors. The exact color depends on the colors you like and the colors in the adjacent space; black, a rich brown, a deep red, all could look fabulous. A creamy cabinet with some wood trim would also look great.
Again, it depends on the the overall feel and style of the space.

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I went over my cabinets with ebony stain. Cleaned, light sanding, very little stain, semi gloss ploy. Very easy in less than a week. Fires I did scratch test on the inside of a cabinet door under the bar side. I bought oak molding and used oak stain plus ebony and they match perfectly. At a cost of little or nothing for the cabinets. See my before and after videos here,
My camera tends to make the room look very dark, but it isn't.

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I like the PP to use a regular arch raised in a signature color instead of stain. Like a sage, grey, black or red (if you want bold). Even if you do not match the arch exactly, it is far enough away that many will not notice unless it is pointed out.

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