Cork or Other Lightweight Countertops - Advice/Experience?

jmcgowanOctober 25, 2012

This is OT, but I am looking into using cork countertops in our laundry room. Originally, it was going to be butcherblock, but we've run into issues with that.

Anyone with real life experience with this type of material? Any ideas for another type of lightweight countertop material?

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Fori is not pleased

I had a linoleum (Marmoleum) countertop in part of my kitchen for a year or so. I liked it alot in a kitchen and think it would be great in a laundry room where you don't need waterproof edge treatments quite so much. My father thought it was great that it matched the floor so well. Maybe that was sarcasm.

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Very funny about your dad, fori :-) Thanks for the input.

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How light are you thinking? We just had a stainless steel counter put over the washer and dryer and it is unattached so that it can be removed if needed. Our is still pretty heavy because the wood substrate is thick but a thinner wood could be pretty light.

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