Need Help kitchen taking down wall pic included

teebooOctober 16, 2013

Okay this is layout of area. I have everything written on the photo but I will recount on this email.
1. The side of the pantry shown is facing the front door as seen from drawing. Should I turn facing front door using a cabinet and shelves above with mirrors behind to make a focal point when entering and not feel as though looking straight into a kitchen? Please remember the dimensions and taking down wall between lr and kitchen.
2. Refrigerator cabinet - would it look better to have closed cabinet above or open for display area?

3 and 5: Should these cabinets have a 12" open space above for display and the splash of color since everything is white with old red pine floors? Will send picture so you can see floors. They are gorgeous.

6: Should I put trash compactor here with pull out spice rack or cabinet with drawer?

9: Should I put trash compactor or trash can here or stack of drawers?

11: Floor space is limited so should I use a 33" sink base or a 36" sink base? Cabinet builder wants me to use 36" but all I use a sink base for is to store detergents and kitchen cleaners.

12: Would this be the best place for this trash compactor or trash can? As you can tell, I am at a lose as to where to put trash.
If do not put trash here, could have 24 to 27 inch stack of drawers. What do you suggest?

With this arrangement, I have 40" clearance on each end of the island. Could there be a better layout of island?

What is the difference between a peninsula and an island?

Beside the laundry room door (your picture shows dark door, should I put the pantry if move from beside refrigerator or cabinet with mirrored back or just leave empty as shown? I feel like the island looks like it is overpowering the room since it extends beyond original kitchen wall. If use cabinet or pantry in this location, should I put open shelf above door to connect the cabinets to make it look more like a galley kitchen?

I am using white cabinets which can be distressed or left all white. (What do you think?)

I am using white appliances because I like them and do not like stainless.

I have looked at bianco ramano granite which has raspberry, gray in it. Any suggestions? I plan to use all white because I think that it will allow the eyes to flow in this small space rather than stop. Was even thinking about no upper cabinet doors but reconsidered that thought.

I like the blue green glass tiles but think mirrors would allow people dining at island to view the water rather than look at a kitchen. Suggestions here?????

This is not in stone and if you have better layout plan, please let me know. I am open to any and all suggestions. You can see the dimensions. Plan to use an antique (which will be distressed) fold up card table in lr between 2 chairs that can open to 4 top table in case people prefer to sit at table to dine, play cards or work on a puzzle as this is a weekly rental.

Thank you

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Overhead picture of need help kitchen taking down wall picture included

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Laundry room door (open) cannot be moved (ideal) since it has 3 brick steps down and w/d beside it. I have checked with contractor on this scenario. Window to be removed since view is not great but it is nice when children out back playing kick ball in back. 3 foot outside door will open onto wall that laundry room door is located on leaving 3 feet 2" of working space. If use cabinet/pantry on this wall do not think it needs to be deep so people entering from parking space outside will not feel cramped. Suggestions here please.
Would you have shelf above laundry room door is cabinet/pantry located opposite door to join original kitchen cabinet area with extended area?

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This photo shows the red heart pine floors, 54" opening between kitchen and living room which will become a 36" opening upon renovation. Wall between living room and dining room will come down giving 4" of workable space.

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Front of cottage with 9 feet of windows, 3 foot door with full glass door that stays open majority of time. Length of living room is 20 feet interior measurements and 11 feet 3 inches to existing wall.

Length of kitchen is 17 feet 8 inches x 11 feet 6 inches to existing wall which will be removed.

Removal of wall will add an additional 4 inches to width of room.

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