Countertop HELP needed

lois_gOctober 20, 2012

Tiny apartment New York City. Need to select and order countertop very soon. Thinking granite--mostly because already exhausted ( but concerned about radon since sleep only feet away). HELP-- I am in a panic. Need only about 16-22 square feet. Price important consideration.

Recommendations including recommended suppliers/installers greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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*sigh* Not the radon "scare" again!

You don't need much, so you might even be able to get a remnant...

If no one responds, ask around - your neighbors, co-workers, etc. NYC it a big place, I doubt anyone here can give you specifics w/o more information.

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I keep thinking that I am misunderstanding buehl-- why would someone bother to answer a Gardenweb question with an intentionally hurtful and not responsive reply?

I would not have posted asking for HELP and recommendations IF my friends/neighbors/family had the answers. Buhl is possibly correct that I should have mentioned that my apartment is in the 60s in Manhattan but with the NYC extensive subway/bus system I figured that I could travel to a recommended source.
I do not know IF the radon scare if overstated-- but I will sleeping less than 15 feet from the countertop--as will my grandchildren (if I am lucky enough for them to visit) so I believe most people would understand my concerns about Radon (even if they may think the issue overdone.)

But still need Specific Recommendations as to places for buy/install for a very small kitchen. Unfortunately I cannot afford top of the line and I also cannot afford
inferior work and problem.

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Part of the beauty of granite is that it comes in a variety of price points, colors, and options. I don't live in the NY so I can't help with fabricators. For suppliers, I'd take a trip around and look at a few local yards. See what keeps drawing your eye in and if there's a pattern there. It'll help with narrowing down choices. You should be able to figure out approx how much you need (measure even linear feet and the supplier can help you with the rest) to see if a remnant will work. You can save a ton there. You won't need a seam so really any legit fabricator should be able to handle this job.

I personally thought buehl was being helpful. She suggested a remnant... which is a good option. And asking local people usually works since the people on this board are from all over. Perhaps if you posted a thread with a new title giving a "shout out" referencing "looking for NYC stone suppliers/fabricators".
Good Luck!

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Thank you. Maybe I am being too sensitive.
Had thought about remnants and I am pretty easy in my choice of piece/color etc. Issue is the Minimums--hate to pay for 45 feet when I only need 20. Now that I am no longer working--really have to watch expenses.
Took your Suggestion and I am posting again. Maybe I will be lucky this time. There used to be wonderful fabricators near where I used to live in Brooklyn but they all seemed to have died out/retired or otherwise vanished.

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If you choose a remnant you get just that - the left over pieces of someone else's fabrication, so there are no minimums. Choose marble if you are concerned about radon, as it contains none. Small spaces can look so rich with beautiful finishes, and because you have less counter space, you can get the really (otherwise) pricey stuff, like a 3" thick Thassos marble, for a song. Millenium Stone in Port Chester NY is supposed to be superb. Good luck!

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Have you tried a recycler, like habitat for Humanity? I am sure there are
PLENTY of bigger kitchens torn out every day that have just the piece you need.

Good Luck!


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Since it is a small area, how about formica or corian?
Also please understand that this site has members all over the country. You might luck out and a member could have a suggestion near you, but for the most part you will not get too many recommendations near you.
Look up places near you to educate yourself in what is out there. Come back here with pictures you can post to get further feedback.
Take a look at the kitchens in Home Depot. They have different surfaces and you can see if something strikes you.

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