What to do in a corner?

olivertwistkitchenOctober 28, 2012

I never had a corner cabinet before. Right now, my DW is up against the peninsula but in the reno, we will move it down 12-18 inches leaving us a corner space.

KD wants to do a supersusan. I hate the idea.

I have also seen "corner drawers", but can't figure out what I'd put in the triangular part.

Any other ideas or ways to avoid that big corner? Thanks.

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Sophie Wheeler

A L shaped corner cabinet IS the best use of the space. A super susan can help you more easily access some of the stored items, but it's not always the best choice. Sometimes, just having a big open cabinet where you can put all of the paper towels, canned sodas, and stock pots can be the best way you can use the space in your kitchen. You need to visit the showroom and look at all of the choices in person. You can void the corner completely and not have one if you really hate corners, but you will be giving up a lot of useful space that can hold a lot of stuff.

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hollysprings - what specifically is an L shaped corner cabinet - is it the 33" or 36" corner with equal sized doors and a lazy susan ... or a cabinet that has one wider door with pullout shelving that goes way to the back?

Does anyone have an opinion on the 33" vs 36" corner with the lazy susan. I've also seen two different types of doors on these - stationary that go around with the lazy Susan and others that pull both doors at once (these seem to break more easily??)

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Olivertwist, is your corner at the end of your peninsula? If so you can access this corner from the other side of the peninsula with either drawers or a cabinet.

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Yes, it is at the end of the peninsula. I thought of that. It's what I do now, walking all the way around to the other side. I'm trying to avoid that. It's a pain walking around to the other part of the kitchen just to get into a cabinet.

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It's where we kept dog food so it worked perfect having it on the other side.

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We put a small 24" wine cooler on the backside of our peninsula in the corner. We keep the wine glasses in a cabinet against the wall on that side of the peninsula. It's also right next to the door to the backyard. Everything for a glass of wine in the backyard at your fingertips.

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