Please help confirm my fridge selection

phillyfeetOctober 14, 2013

My original designs included a 42 inch fridge, but after looking at the choices, I realized i'd prefer a 36 inch bottom freezer. One of my main concerns being, if the 42 inch needs to be replaced someday, it will be harder to find a replacement than finding a 36 inch.
So now that i am in the 36 inch category, to maximize budget and fridge space, I was thinking of getting the 72 inch tall Jenn-Air counter depth fridge. But since again it seems like appliances aren't built to last anymore and i plan to be in the kitchen for the next 40 years (!), should i not be going for the taller fridge? Would it be easier to replace if i went with a more "standard" height fridge or having that extra space at the top may help in the long run?
Oh and as an aside, would i be able to put a TV above the taller fridge (standard 8 foot ceilings)
I am asking this in the kitchen forum and not appliance forum because i thought this is more a design question rather than a question regarding the actual appliance performance.
Any help would be appreciated.

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I have a 70 inch fridge with 8' ceilings and I would not enjoy watching TV above it.
I think you will see more and more streaming devices over TVs in the kitchen in the future. Also - the newer flat screen TVs are so thin, they could pop on almost any wall space.
You also lose great storage for vertical items that need a deep space.
I did see one cool idea - I can't remember who it was but they put an onyx frame around the TV on a wall.
Others can comment on fridge sizes - I bought mine before I even heard about giant fridges and re-used it with my remodel (Elux)

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my frige (arrived today) is GE Cafe, over 70". If I had stayed with CD, I liked the Jennair too. Hard to decide between those and Elux. Final choice came down to how one used the frige.

I added the picture to show the narrow space above, which is too high for a TV. Excuse the fact that frige is wrapped and not yet pushed back (needs water line).

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Thanks for the photo, it helped a lot. Btw, you have a very pretty cabinet color. I was hoping to put tv there because I thought it wouldn't be a spot for frequently used items and the seating is on opposite end of kitchen so everyone could see it. But now I can see that the space jyst isn't tall enough to fit a tv.

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there is about 2' above that space, but would be extremely awkward to see from below .

thanks for the compliment on maple cabinets. I think I am the only one on GW to use maple (with brown glaze). They are definitely not a trend.

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Sorry, duplicate post

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Bookworm - lovely picture and lovely cabinets.
Philly - I think you came to the right conclusion - Let us know what you figure out as it might help someone else along the way.

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When I was looking for a fridge this summer, I considered the Jenn-Air but they seem to have a lot of negative reviews. That said, every model of every fridge has a negative review somewhere. Ask for Jenn-Air owners to weigh in in the title of a new post, or do a google search for Gardenweb and Jenn-Air to see if there are older threads that might be instructive.

I would consider the cd 42" Kitchen Aid. Good luck.

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