Koch Cabinets complaint

flyingOctober 3, 2012

Our Koch Cabinets (bought from Standard Kitchens of Michigan) had serious problems with the hinges supplied. When the cabinets were installed in the late spring, when our home was still heated, the cabinet doors closed properly (but the adjustment screws were already maxed out). In June, with the heat off and windows open, 7 of the 8 sets of doors swelled and did not close.

The Koch factory rep, via Standard Kitchens, replied that the problem was our fault: the doors were designed for 35% humidity and not for an unairconditioned home with windows open. It took 3 1/2 months for Koch/Standard to supply hinges that solved the problem. But they were not the soft-close hinges we paid for.

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Yes, cabinets, especially inset cabinets, as well as flooring, and all woodwork and furniture, expands and contracts with the presence or absence of moisture. Failing to maintain a humidity controlled environment IS grounds for voiding your warranty with all of the above. Installing and using air conditioning in your home will help you and your home both be more comfortable. Not doing so will result in wood behaving as it's nature compels it to do so, resulting in swelling, sticking, and possible buckling, as well as crushing of the fibers where those two surfaces come together. Every single manufacturer of any wood product will tell you in writing that this will happen, and to expect it, and that it's up to you to control the humidity in the home environment to an acceptable degree, and that without such control, they will not warranty their product in your home.

When winter comes, all of the wood in your home, including the cabinet doors, will shrink, leaving gaps and cracks where the paint has been applied over a join. That will not be covered under warranty either. Your floors will gap, and your coped moldings will open up. None of that will be covered under any manufacturer's warranty either. It is wood, behaving like wood. To lessen that, install and use a humidifier.

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Koch Cabinets and Standard Kitchens have corrected the door hinge and closing problems to our complete satisfaction. Too bad we had this problem; otherwise, the cabinets are very handsome and of high quality.

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My husband and I are considering Koch cabinets. I would be interested to know how you are liking your cabinets two years later.

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