Opinions on/experience with microwave drawers? Price?

Madeline616October 25, 2012

Hi there-

Did a search of the forum, but didn't find much. Does anyone have or have experience with a microwave drawer?

In working out some problems with Mom and Dad's newly installed cabinets, one idea is to scrap the tower where the micro was to go, and do a micro drawer instead.

I'd love to hear opinions/experience.

What's it like to use a micro drawer?

Do you like setting food in and removing from the top?

How easy is it to clean?

How do you find the controls to be, practically speaking?

I've priced some and haven't found anything for less than $1000. Does anyone know of one for $500 or less?


Madeline :)

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I have never used one but there are a couple of microwave drawers for under $1000.


I dont think you'll find one for under $500 unless it is a discontinued model or you look at scratch and dent.

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We didn't initially plan to put one in, but because we found and open-box one at a really good price before planning our cabinets (Sharp 30" for $400 at Sears Outlet in Shrewsbury, MA) we went planned it in to the design.

I thought they were kinda hokey before I put one in, but now having had one and used one for a couple years I'm sold on them. I really like how it works -- it's nice having it low when you need to stir and keep something cooking there's no need to pull it out to do this. Also I like not having the counter space taken up by it, and it's just safer not pulling hot things out from shoulder height as mine was before (over the range). Go for it, you'll be glad you did, they are really nice to have.


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Got mine from here last Friday, installed Wednesday. Just need to check it out when it's delivered. Check over on the Appliance forum- that's where I found out about this seller. You can also get either the Sharp extended warranty or Square Trade with it. Same model as AJ Madisons, fwiw.

Here is a link that might be useful: eBay MIcrowave Drawer

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I think an alternative is to buy a Panasonic microwave and then the trim kit for it. We got the Panasonic 797 for about $120 from Costco and got the trim kit for about $140 from Amazon (yes, the trim kit costs more than the microwave!) but it looks pretty good.

I'm nervous about microwave drawers in general since I feel it's one more thing to break.

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I bought my 24" Sharp refurbished from eBay also. I think the same seller in Luckymom's link and for about the same price. Sharp makes all the drawers. Other manufacturers just re-badge them and jack up the price.

When I initially started planning my new kitchen I thought MW drawers were so gimmicky and looked awkward to use. I ended up with a layout where the drawer fit so nicely that I went with it. I don't use it to cook--only reheat (am doing less of that though in favor of rangetop or oven), melting or softening butter and occasionally heating water. IRL I don't find them awkward to use at all. I like being able to see down inside the drawer and manipulate the food if necessary without removing it. Once in a while, I have exploded butter in there. You have to bend to clean the top, but it's not difficult.

My one annoyance is that I find is that as a taller person I have to bend a bit sometimes to push the buttons if I'm doing something with which I'm a little unfamiliar, like melting butter. Because I don't do it every day, I have to concentrate on which buttons to push with the "melt" function for the amount of butter I am using.

I like that the drawer's landing space above the unit on the counter is almost always a safe place to land something. My old kitchen had a OTR MW built-in with the range as one unit. It's landing space was the electric burners below, which wasn't always safe or accessible if someone else happened to be working the burners.

A year in, and I'm very happy with my choice!

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Thanks very much!

Lucky and Breezy, this Sharp is the same model my local appliance store has, but for $775. I really like to support local retailers, but that eBay price may just be too hard to resist. Breezy, thanks for the real-world feedback. It's only when you start using things that you learn all the little tricks and glitches.

DC, thanks for the links, and Kris & Sriiv, tks for your helpful input.

I meet with contractor and cab maker tomoro about a run of cabs that didn't turn out right. I think the best solution is to rebuild 2 uppers and one lower, and to do the drawer micro.

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I really like my 24" Sharp. (They are all made by Sharp, BTW, the others are just rebadged.) I paid something like $725 or something, brand new from an appliance dealer. It is absolutely natural to use, no problems at all.

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Mine is almost 6 years old and I don't know that I will ever have anything else. They are actually easier to use, though I do sometimes have to bend down to make sure I'm reading the controls right on the features I don't use all the time, but I blamed that on my aging eyes rather than my height. ;-)

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I was going to get the Sharp MW drawer but ended up with a Miele speed oven installed undercounter. I could not do wall ovens without giving up something else I wanted and preferred a range anyway. However, heating a 36" oven will take forever so a second, smaller oven was an imperative, especially since we are now empty-nesters. I couldn't get past having an expensive MW drawer (even though it is a really cool thing) that at the end of the day, would still require a second oven. I thought about getting a Breville but just didn't want to give up the counterspace. So, I got the Miele. Yes, I have to bend and pull food out and that was a compromise. But, as I have learned, this process is full of compromises.

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I love my sharp MW drawer. I love the look of the mw drawer below eye level. It is easy to clean, except for the top of the inside, which is awkward. I love that the kids can use it so easily.

Granted my old GE profile MW was more powerful, larger, and it was easier to see the display which had neon green letters instead of sharp's black letters on grey background display. Also, the GE had alot more functions like "defrost bread" and "cook eggs." I miss these function menus. Nonetheless, I mainly defrost and reheat in the MW so its fine for me.

When I was buying the MW, sharp had one model with the automatic opening and another, less expensive model with a manual opening door. The manual door was not available when I placed my order, but I am glad I went with the automatic. The kids love to show it off and its just cool.

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I'm about 6mos into using mine and I'm never going back to anything else. Ditto to everything Kris said.
All you have to do is open the drawer to stir or check things. Much safer than lifting a hot item down from above my shoulders (previously had an OTR).
I'm glad I had 2 drawers removed from the island to make room for the drawer.
I bought mine when it was on sale at Sears + Friends and Family discount. I think I paid around $700. Wasn't in stock in the store so had to order online...came within in few days.

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