Water filter faucet... right or left side of sink?

marti8aOctober 16, 2012

The picture on the box shows the handle on the right side of the faucet, but the way it turns, it could easily be installed so the handle is on either side or even the front or back. I first thought on the right corner, since we are right handed and our glasses are on the right side of the sink. Any reason to put it on one side or the other?

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I have mine on the right since we're righthanded. But the better installation might be in front. With mine on the right, the counter under the handle is always tracking water. I have soapstone, the the patina is always washing off in that spot. In front, the chance of pooling is diminished leaving a dryer counter. After almost a year, I'm seriously considering moving it to the front.

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We only have one faucet and based on GW advice, I put the handle in the front - love it and DH makes much less of a mess!!!!!!

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Would you please post of what this looks like? I have too make this decision and can't envision.

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Here is a picture of our faucet with the throttle in the front

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Sorry, I got confused reading the OP. Two things were being said. The faucet handle direction and the location of the filter faucet for drinking water. I have mine installed to the left of the main faucet, because that's closer to my prep side and dining side. My DW is to the right of the sink and my glasses are stored on the right side just above the DW. So if someone is at the sink and you need a glass of water in a fresh glass, you do have to "dance" around them. But if you're refilling a glass then there is no dance since the dining side is on the left. I had originally intended for the glasses to be stored on the left side, but my wife insists on storing infrequently used "better" dinnerware on that side.. So far, the dance hasn't been an issue.

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