Fruit Freezie Stain on Granite

kayaem00October 28, 2013

Hi. I have a new black pearl granite island. The grandkids were over eating fruit freezies. One left an open freezie package on the counter to melt. It was there maybe 5-10 minutes. It turned the granite a lighter colour that we cannot remove. The counter on the attached picture looks brown but we turned off the flash so that you could see what happened. With the flash it is harder to see. My husband doesn't think it is stained because it turned a lighter colour - a silvery, instead of darker. It was a strawberry fruit freezie. Two questions: 1. Has anyone had this happen and how was it cleaned on black granite; 2. Could it have happened because the granite wasn't sealed properly by the installers? With all the problems we are having with this granite, if I could go back, I would have stayed with my laminate counters!!! I didn't ever imagine that granite countertops were so delicate!

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I thought that Black Pearl was usually very dense and didn't have issues like this. How long has it been there? I would just give it some time and it will probably go away. Did they tell you that they sealed it?

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I thought so too! I watched one of the guys wet a cloth with liquid in a bottle and quickly swish it over the island and counters. I could tell it made it over the entire island because the island was full of dust and the swishing made it look clean. It has only been installed a month.

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Put a hairdryer on that and wait a few days.

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Agree with Trebruchet about waiting. I have Kashmir white which stains sooo easily. Dh missed a tomato splatter one day and it wouldn't come out. A few days later I was looking for it and it just disappeared. I do hear (see?) people talking about a poultice on garden web to take stains out of granite. Haven't tried one yet so I can't explain how to do it exactly but maybe someone else with experience can comment.

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I am a fabricator:

Stains in granite are actually unusual. We've had roughly a dozen incidents in 13 years of business and literally thousands of jobs.

A "stain" making the stone lighter is quite unusual. I'd give it several days because if it's just water it will go away once it dries out.

If it's still there in a few days I'd suggest checking this out:

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Is this a brushed granite? Our black pearl looks similar so I'm not thrilled to see this and hopeful you can get it out fairly easily. I would do as trebruchet suggests..I have heard that certain stains do dry out within a few days. Good luck!

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It could be a few different issues . I think the guy with the rag wiped on sealer but may have applied it incorrectly. Black pearl being a dense stone the sealer is sitting on the surface. Sealer are impregnating but when they don't absorb and are present on the surface of the stone they can etch. That is one possibility. Have the fabricator comeback and remove the sealer and then seal correctly not seal. Do the water test see how absorbent or not your stone is. Sealer used incorrectly has caused more problems than you could imagine. You could let it sit a few days as it could be the moisture delaminated the sealer from the ice pop sitting on it. A hair dryer would dry out the moisture under the sealer and you could be back to normal.
I don't think that is the case . That can happen with a topical water based sealer but not impregnators.
Ask the fabricator to come back and fix this.
If he has no solution a marble polishing compound used correctly can remove the sealer residue.

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Thanks oldryder for the pdf file. Nan57 - it is not brushed, it is polished black pearl granite. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions but the hairdryer did not work. It has been four days since it happened and it is still there. The fabricator and installers were slobs and I'm still waiting for them to return to fix other mistakes. If they ever show up I will make them fix this. If not, I still owe them almost $3,000 that I won't pay until satisfied! This has been a very bad experience so far. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

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I am quite certain it is sealer residue
It can be removed by an experienced fabricator or stone refinisher
Hire one and deduct the cost
Email me if I can help

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It could be that the acid in the fruit pops has affected the sealer, and the whitening you see if the sealer reacting not the granite. Anyway, good luck. I hope it's that and they can fix it.

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If all else fails, melt a few more fruit freezies of the same flavor, and use a rag to spread evenly over your countertop. Problem solved!

Something similar was suggested to me long ago to cover up chocolate stains on clothing, but I hated to waste the chocolate. Sacrificing a few fruit freezies is much more palatable.

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Haha. Too funny! We have lots of freezies...maybe I could make a pattern! :)

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