does thicker granite mean shorter cabinets?

michoumonsterOctober 27, 2012

Hi all,

i want a mitered edge for my granite. i love the thick slab look and was thinking 2 inches would be nice. Does that mean I should order my cabinets to be shorter than standard? will this affect how the dishwasher or range line up? my head is spinning with all the details! thanks for any advice!!

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2" is not that thick. Mine is 2.5"

I have seen 3.5" mitered edge in person and what appears to be thicker in pictures.

My range and dishwasher have adustments to raise or lower appliance. Not sure if all do though.

In the install specifications my appliance gave a range the countertop height could be.

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HOw tall are you guys? For someone super short like me the height difference would impact comfort level. If you're taller... it may actually work better for you. All depends.

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It's a backsplash issue not a cabinet one. Shouldn't be a problem

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Standard base is 34.5" + 2" granite is 36.5. That is 1/2" taller than normal. For code (many places) the wall cabinets to the side of the range must be 18" above above counter height. SO you can live with it all raised 1/2" if your tall. OR cut down the base cabinets by 1/2" if not- at worst you end up with 3-1/2" toe space- or do custom.

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thanks everyone! i guess i can order the standard height cabinets then. I am on the short side at 5'2, but i would think an inch or two wouldn't bother me.
i just checked the specs for my range and dishwasher and it looks like it is ok.
thank you, one less thing to worry about!

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