Has anyone used glass cup pulls?

kam76October 28, 2013

I find them interesting but there are not a whole lot of pictures on line of them installed and I would be interested to hear how they work from someone who actually has them. Do they get finger prints all over them? Do you ever worry about cracking/breaking them when things bump into them? What color did you use? Do the clear ones just "disappear"? I am having white cabinets, so I don't know if the clear ones would look like ghost hardware (perfect for halloween!)

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Those strike me as exceptionally feminine. As in, "this room is not intended to be used by men" feminine. Is that the intent?

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I am the only one that cooks. Lol. But I don't want the kitchen to appear especially feminine no. They have ones that are smooth too or is it just the fact that they are glass?

These remind me of the crystal door knobs at my grandfathers house which was definitely not a feminine house.

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Smooth would seem less frilly I think, yes. I get your point about the crystal door knobs - it's certainly possible to do Victorian stuff like that in a gender balanced way, and I probably painted a picture in my head that's bears no resemblance to your kitchen. Are there more masculine elements in the room that would help make a man feel welcome there? I'm guessing there were many in your grandfather's house.

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