Paint chipping off of white cabinets

Mom23EsOctober 10, 2013

Our cabinets are almost a year old. I am so disappointed with how they are wearing. There are scratches and chips everywhere! Is this typical? They are Medallion Brand, White Icing. These cabinets were so expensive, and I can't believe how bad they look already. We have used the touch up kit, but I feel like we are doing it so frequently.

Any thoughts? What should we do? :-(

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Check their warranty. I would contact the store and manufacturer. They should not be doing that.

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That's disappointing! I would definitely contact the supplier. Can you post some photos?

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As the original owner (purchaser) you have definite warranty rights here. Medallions says it stands by their cabinet finish if not induced by usual and customary wear and tear.

Did you notice any scratches on installation or any chipping then? Do you feel this is above and beyond usual wear? Chipping is relatively rare so early, so something doesn't seem right.

I agree with previous poster, could you post a few photos? And by all means, contact your seller and put them on notice that you feel there is a beyond normal wear problem within on year of purchase.

Goodnews, I think, is Medallion is a good company, widely used, not small. So if you can take any encouragement from this post, it's call, explain, document, invite a representative out. Maybe there was a problem with the finish coat on your cabinets.

Medallion is known for their conversion varnish satin finish, especially White Icing, there most commonly used white.

I'm hoping for a timely investigation and resolution for you.

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I don't know about Medallion, but when I complained to Kraftmaid about the paint chipping off my bath cabinet when it was a few years old, they sent me all new doors and drawer fronts with no discussion at all about "normal wear and tear". The finish on the cabinet itself was fine. I'll bet Medallion does the same for you, especially since your cabinets are only a year old.

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Here are some pics...

We have little dings like this all over. The finish seems so soft.

I'm not sure how to explain this. It's not just dust. It looks unfinished/unpainted behind the border. And of course, another little chip.

This one is below our farmhouse sink. The builder used the touch-up kit on the water damage.

Is this typical wear and tear? It's been 11 months.

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That's terrible, even if they were 10-15 years old. It looks like particleboard. I hope they take care of it all for you.

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That does look beyond normal daily wear and tear, at least to me. As you said, in many pictures the paint is just completely chipping off, leaving bare wood behind. That's not typical for 11 months, even in very hot, dry climate where shrinkage (contraction) starts the process in small ways.

Please do pursue this with Medallion. I'm very sorry this has happened Mom23Es and hope their representative might visit soon.

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I hope Medallian does you right since this is not acceptable. Thanks for sharing since that is the only way we can all know what companies stand behind their products. Please be sure to keep us updated and share this post with Medallian.

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