Base cabinets/counter 27" deep, pros /cons?

geomegOctober 13, 2012

We've been discussing with the KD about having the base cabinets and counter be a little deeper than standard, at 27".

My kitchen is small and in an "L" . Would deeper bases affect the range and the micro/hood above it?

Also we discussed deeper wall cabinets at 13.5" to try and gain space ....

What do you think?

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I love it so far, the few extra inches of drawer space enabled me to fit all my dishes perfectly. I also enjoy the extra counter space, but since our granite was just installed on Thursday I haven't done much with it yet!

We have a broken L, meaning the fridge and range is on one wall, then there's a doorway, and the sink / dishwasher / dish storage cabs are on a separate run. We only increased depth on the sink / dishwasher run, so I can't speak to the range and over range area.

That said, I did consider it. I was going to have a few inches of granite behind the range, which I was really looking forward to. I didn't go that route because of concerns with walkway width between island seating and adjacent family room...the extra depth would've eaten into it.

As long as you have the space and the budget (ours did cost extra), really no downside as far as I can tell. I have full extension rails with soft close, so that is available for the deeper size.

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We have 30" countertops, LOVE them! In our case, we've used the normal 24" lower cabinets, but pulled them out 6" (dead space behind but that's ok). Now, we can keep the things we always keep out on the CT's but still have room for rolling out a pie crust, etc. Then, we had deeper upper cabinets (18") which are wonder for storing platters and various things. Lots of threads on this, here's a recent one. Good luck!

Deeper upper cabinets:

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to thread with deeper countertops

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I can't see any cons at all. Our bases are pulled out to about 26", uppers on one wall are 16", and uppers on the range wall are 13" (couldn't go deeper than that due to code for cabs abutting the range in our case).

I love the extra storage in both the uppers and lowers and there are zero downsides to it.

What kind of range are you getting? Your KD should be taking its measurements into account re. if and how the deeper bases would affect your range look.

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The KD suggested the 27" deeper bases on the sink run of the "L" and standard size bases on the range part of the "L"

I'm not quite sure how that would work though, what happens in the corner where the cabinets meet?

Anyone have anything like this?

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Wow, y'all must be tall or have long arms! I'm 5'5" and have issues reaching to clean the corners in my U shaped kitchen with standard bases. Heck, the one corner next to the stove, I constantly make the poor thing beep hitting the touchpad (induction, thank goodness) with "the girls".

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