Which brand of recessed light? Temperature of 2700K or 3000K?

janesylviaOctober 31, 2012

I am considering to have recessed light in kitchen, family room and living room. There are so many brands to choose. Home Depot has Ecosmart, Commerical Electric, Lithonia Lighting, and Halo. Lowes has Sylvania and Utilitech. I saw some is IC compatible and airtight, some are not. We have a one-story 1800 sq feet house. Would 6" recessed light look nice? It's hard to find 5" one unless we choose separate parts, which would cost much more.

Is there any brand that you would recommend? Which temperature would look better, 2700K or 3000K?

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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I bought the 6" Ecosmart LED lights (made by CREE) from Home Depot. They are 2700K. We tested one (since the kitchen is not finished yet) and I love the way it looks. Very soft and natural. We put them in Commercial Electric cans. I have six of them in a 200 square foot space and I trust that will be enough light and if it's too much we will use the dimmer.

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What jerzee said. Love those 6" recessed Ecosmart dimmable, self-trimming LEDs. They go in standard ED cans. If I remember correctly, you want 35 lumens per sq ft.

If you haven't looked there yet, you might want to check out the Lighting Forum. There are some very knowledgeable people over there. They'll even help with a lighting design.

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The 3000k would be a little brighter, less red. But I doubt you would notice unless you put them side by side.

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I looked at the 2700 and 3000 lights. The 2700 lights look almost identical to standard incandescent lights. I checked out a few varieties.
I then put in the 3000.
DH liked the whiter light vs the yellow light of the 2700. We went with the 3000 and I like them. I feel it is brighter but I can dim them. I went with a different brand - Cooper - these can go into 5 or 6 inch cans. The Cree can only go in the 6 inch cans. The Cooper is also self trimming.
I still have decorative lighting when I want "mood" lighting.
If you can pick up any bulbs to test - it is really helpful in the decision making. I couldn't test the dimming factor but could see the color difference.

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Really appreciate all the responses above, very helpful.

a2gemini, I saw Cooper's Halo recessed lights at Lowes, which look very nice. What dimmer did you choose to control your LED lights?

Thank you very much.

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We used the Lutron for a dimmer.
How many lights will you use on one dimmer?
We have 5 on the one which works great. The single light on a dimmer flickers sometimes so I need to figure out if it is the dimmer or the light. I suspect it is the dimmer with only one light.
Do go to lighting forum.
I would guess most people purchase the Cree but don't know which is better. In any case, I love ours. I thought I would not like the whiter light but I do- as DH says- light should be white and not yellow. We are just so used to yellow cause that is what we always had.
Hope this was helpful.

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