Michelle Marie?

rikerkOctober 31, 2012

Michelle Marie do you have a photo of your island that shows the single induction burner that you installed? Thanks

in advance Kim

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I hardly ever go on here anymore now that my kitchen is done. I am still waiting for another goblin to make it home from trick or treating so I will get the picture loaded tomorrow.

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This is a picture of my Miele one burner induction cooktop in my island. I did not originally plan on having a cooktop on my island as I have a 48" range, but I was a little nervous about my kids using gas. We use the induction cooktop all the time and I am glad I have it. I buy my cookware at TJMaxx and Marshalls and it works fine. I did not know how to get more than one picture loaded. I will try to get one off the entire island.

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Another pic of the island with the induction cooktop. To the right of the sink is a Miele dw. I also have a Bosch dw, but the Miele is a better dw.

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Is yours the 12" or 15" induction? Your island looks great thanks for posting. I almost missed your post, i'm not sure how because I am on here way more than I should be. Do you regret not having ventilation there or do you find you don't need it?

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I have the 15" Miele induction combiset. You can see it on the Miele website. I have not noticed a problem yet, but if I am frying fish or something that will create an odor or need to be cooked under the hood than I use my gas range. Although it was an afterthought, I did realize I wanted the unit before my cabinets were installed so that it was possible for my eletrician to get the correct wiring installed.

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Thanks for the info that is the 15" induction that I was looking at. I may redo our island so I will plan accordingly for the electrician

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