Modern California Bungalow Kitchen: Finally finished!

artemis78October 28, 2011

Okay, I might be using "finished" a little liberallyâÂ"we're still not FKB ready and have a bunch of loose ends to finish upâÂ"but for all practical purposes, the remodel of the kitchen in our 1915 Arts and Crafts bungalow in Oakland, California is finally finished! Photos and details below. This was a partial DIY remodel, but we also relied on lots of wonderful tradespeople over the course of the project. I'm including the names of SF Bay Area contractors and vendors we especially enjoyed working with, since I found this information super useful when others posted it. If anyone is local and wants more info, just shoot me an email.

Cabinets: Custom, mix of flush inset and frameless (Martin Bernardo of California Kitchens & Furniture in Redwood City)

Colors: Benjamin Moore Aura in Acadia White (trim and inset cabinets), Sea Haze (frameless cabinets), and Wales Green (walls)âÂ"cabinets/trim are satin finish and walls are eggshell

Hardware (frameless): Rejuvenation Mission D pulls in polished nickel

Hardware (inset): 2" ball-tip hinges in polished nickel from Horton Brasses, small latches and Mission D pulls in polished nickel from Rejuvenation Hardware, and large bin pulls in polished nickel from Belmont Hardware in Berkeley.

Lights: Schoolhouse Electric Newbury (ceiling) and Union (over table) in antique black and Rejuvenation Skidmore (over sink) in polished nickel, all with shades from Schoolhouse

Counters: Barroca soapstone (M. Teixeira in SF) and beech butcher block (IKEA Numerar finished with low-VOC Waterlox)

Backsplash: Lanka Aquarello subway tile in frost with black 1/4" pencil liner (Tileshop in Berkeley and Art Tile in Oakland)

Shelves: IKEA Ekby brackets with douglas fir steps trimmed to fit (very creative thinking by Piedmont Lumber in Oakland!)

Flooring: Marmoleum Click tile in Eternity, Silver Shadow, and Volcanic Ash (Anderson Carpet & Linoleum in Oakland)

Range: O'Keefe and Merritt High-Vue 535 (existing)

Dishwasher: Miele Inspira G2142SCWH (Universal AKB in LA)

Hood: 36" Kobe RA094 (also Universal)

Sink: Kohler Cape Dory in white (plumbed by Ed at Bonafide Plumbing in AlamedaâÂ"highly recommend!)

Faucet: Chicago Faucets 540 ( in Chico)

Refrigerator: Kenmore/Whirlpool model circa 1996 (existing, of course!)âÂ"will eventually be replaced with 36" counter-depth model

Island is temporary from the old kitchen, but is IKEA's Bekvam kitchen cart (love this; wish they made a bigger table version!) We will be replacing it with a 2' x 4' (or thereabouts) work table, hopefully with the same basic design. Table/shelves/shoe rack are also temporary while we figure out what to do there; no clue where they're from.

We were working with a huge-to-us-but-not-to-contractors budget of $30K that had to cover some significant structural work (most systems had not been touched since 1940 or before), so we had to make some tradeoffs along the way to keep costs in check. We managed to come in just under...

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BRAVO! LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I'd write more, but I'm going back to look again.

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What a great reno ! You have added such charming and appropriate touches to your home. I love the stove wall and the 2 different cabs/colors. As clueless said need to go back and look some more. Really nice. c

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Oh, what a bright, cheerful kitchen! I've scrolled through the pics several times, looking at all the details. Love the colors, love the flooring, love the old stove and the vintage vibe.

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sweet HAPPY place to be!
Makes me miss Oakland :)
Will be back to look again in a bit.

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What a beautiful kitchen! So many great details...the shelves, the hardware, the backsplash, the counters and I really like the wall color...but the floor is perfect! I've seen that type of flooring in more remodels, lately and it looks so vintage and comfortable :)

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So now you have a kitchen that is waaay charming, waaay cool, and a bit funky. In other words, perfect for your house (as well as some others of us.) Keeping the range is just brilliant.

Heartfelt -- and a bit envious -- congratulations.

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I've been waiting for your reveal for a while now, knowing it would be perfect for your old house, and it is!
I love the mix of color, the period appropriate-ness, and the overall feel and openness of the space.
Great job- I so hope you enjoy the space. Congrats!

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Oh, wow!! I'm not entirely awake yet, but by the time I got to the shoe rack my eyes opened wide and told me, "I know that kitchen!!" (Not that I don't know your screenname, but pictures connect directly.) LOL!

It way more than fulfills the plan. I particularly love the chairs and the petite demilune. Plus, many of your touches give it a real grown in place look that totally blurs the identifiable dates. Very, very cool.

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It looks wonderful!!! Love the marmo floors and just the whole vibe. Congratulations!

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I'm with cluelessincolorado--Love, love, love, love, LOVE it!!! I love that it fits with the period of the house, love the vintage range, open shelving, and ready access to all your cooking implements. I also love that you didn't stage it for the photo and there are fridge magnets and didn't stage it for the photo.

What is the paint color? I just painted my kitchen what could very well be the same color (Behr Pear). I am also in Oakland, in a 1910 Edwardian, so I have a good idea what you were working with.

So nice!

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Sorry, finally found the wall color in your post. Not the same as mine, but very close. I think mine is a bit more day-glo.

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To. Die. For.

Absolutely, a happy, happy, successful kitchen reno. If mine turns out to be even half that nice, I'll be thrilled!


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Absolutely love your kitchen, Artemis. Making a new kitchen that's a great setting for refrigerator art is a Love it, love it! I'd be very happy to work in that happy place.

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Love it. That kitchen has so much character. It is so perfectly charming. And what's not to love about a space with a retro beer sign?!

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Circus Peanut

O yes! yes! a thousand times yes! LOVE this kitchen. I love that there are no upper cabinets marching around the room like grim soldiers -- just shelves exactly where you need them. I love your color choices. I love the swinging door (be still my heart!). And I love that you still have the original wooden windows -- and stripped the hardware? or are these new?

I lived in a Palo Alto bungalow for a number of years during grad school, and the quality of light in your photos make me very nostalgic for those days (although if our kitchen had been half as snazzy as yours, I probably never would have bothered leaving).

And of course we gardenwebbers with O'Keefe and Merritt ranges are a small but lively bunch. I can't recall, does your High-Vue have a Grillevator? We just fired ours up for the first time since owning the stove, and promptly began grilling anything that stands still long enough.

You probably joined around the same time I did - do you recall Francybayarea's kitchen? Yours has that same lovely, tactile, friendly vibe.

Use it in good health always!

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Good job, Artemis! Good, good job! This is the kind of kitchen that I look at and don't wonder whether or not there is a real cook and real family and friends that inhabit the space! It's open and spacious yet cozy and embracing all at once. Got that old house "home" feeling that we all remember and love but can be afraid to adopt-- even when we have old houses! I'm especially loving the new openness created by removing the chimney flue and partition wall. The new mouldings are perfect; the cabs are strutting their stuff. And all for only 30k? As I said, good for you! And enjoy!

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Just wonderful!

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Charming and sweet kitchen!!! :-)

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Hi Artemis, It was so much fun to open up your post and see your charming kitchen in its full finished form.
You have been such a great participant on this forum and so generous with your advice throughout the past year (or more?).
It is really fun to see how it all came together for you with a great overall vibe
and so many charming individual elements -- your cabinets, of course, but also your floor, lighting, and the pencil liner detail in your subway tile, just to mention a few of the details I love.
Thanks for showing us the California cooler in action. And for your helpful, detailed descriptions.

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Wow, it's gorgeous. Love how the range is such a focal point. I also like the floor and your dinette, but everything is just fabulous.

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What a lovely kitchen! I love your vintage range with the utensils conveniently hung over it and the open shelves nearby! Love the bookshelf, stacked inset cabs, floor, wall color, BS, and lighting!


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Thanks all!!

@lavender_lass, it sounds funny, but the floor really *is* so comfortable! We've happily had a really good Marmoleum experience (although it is certainly not as tough as the old ceramic tile as far as taking abuse)---it's been a great fit for us. We made the unconventional decision not to add heat to our kitchen as part of the remodel. Instead, we laid WhisperWool under the flooring to insulate it a bit and let the morning sun warm the room with a little help from the old stove. I was very uncertain about this the first winter (we put the floor down last December) but it worked out beautifully. The floor warms up very quickly (far, far cry from the old tile!) and it really is so comfy to walk on barefoot. It has also held up really well to our giant dog, which was a big concern.

@plllog, I'm glad you like the chairs since I have this sneaking suspicion they may be there for the long haul---we go back and forth on what to do with that space and just can't seem to figure it out! The shoe rack is still the bane of my existence, though---in an eleventh hour panic on the day of cabinet install, I asked the cabinetmaker to push the cabinets back three inches into the room, dropping that space down from the 42" in the plan to 39". (In the old kitchen, you walked right into a wall of cabinets, so this was a huge fear.) I mean, how big a deal can three inches be, right?? A big one, apparently...all the stock shoe benches and storage units are sized to 36" or 42" so at this point we'll probably have something custom made for that space since I've pretty much given up on stumbling on a wonderful 39" bench. Ah, well. I get a lot of grief about that decision, although happily it worked out on all other fronts! At some point it will have coat hooks, a bench, and some shelves above, though.

@circuspeanut, sadly no Grillevator in our O&M, but we like it a lot otherwise. I actually had it rehabbed as part of the remodel so it now has working wiring and re-enameled burner grates, which I need to snap some shots of too! (They also fixed the door hinge but it's since broken again, so it's on my list of things to tackle...argh.) We did indeed strip the hardware for the windows, and I'm thrilled with how it turned out. We also really like the open shelves, though as these photos make clear, we're not sticklers about what goes on them---they're very functional and not especially pretty, but they work well for us. The plan is to eventually add some shallow shelves to the right of the stove too and move the oils up off the counter.

The swinging door was a huge project that was just finished last weekend, but we (by which I mostly mean my husband, whose baby that was) are also really liking how it came together. (The hinge had broken after a PO tried to force it to open into the kitchen with a too-high tile floor, and it was bolted to the subfloor, which made it a complicated mess to get back into working order---though the up side was...

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yeah - it looks terrific!!! congrats on all of your hard work!

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Oh, dear! So many multiples of 3 out there, and the benches are only in 6's? Oh, well. In the short term, what you have keeps the shoes out of the path, and if you have something made it'll probably be even more functional. It was the shoe rack that made me think "mud area" and scroll back up to see that yes, it was the California cooler and the angled cabinet. The recognition of your project started with the humble shoes. :) (I know, I know, I could have looked at the name, but pictures register better for me.)

Re the chairs, sometimes the thing that needs to be done is nothing. Maybe tie on some cushions if they're not sitting well. The look of the chairs and table and demilune is so perfect with the rest of the kitchen, and the shape of the chairs, especially, is really fab. Kind of Fin de Sicle combined with Art Nouveau combined with Machine Age, and just graceful and well designed. :)

I like the kitchen, too. :)

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What a charming and adorable kitchen that has so many unique elements that fits your home. I love the vintage range, the lighting, the range hood, the inset cabinets with that perfect shade of white, the polished nickel hardware, the small workspace island with the colorful bowls, and the counters. Thanks for sharing.

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I love this kitchen! So bright, fun, unfussy - seems like a great place to be.

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Your kitchen looks like I made many of your choices, lol.... I love the period feel, and esp that it feels very real and not Disney-esque. I can see cooking and eating in this kitchen. It would fit a grandma or a young family equally well. I would feel immediately home in this kitchen. It has a warmth and cheerfulness that are so inviting.
The bs, stove, utensil rack and open shelves are all so wonderful ;) btw - I was wondering why you don't make open shoe shelves as well, instead of a rack?

FWIW-we share 2/3 of the Marm colors plus we have Wales Green in our laundry room and hallway so far. Once we can paint the living room (it needs cosmetic repairs from shoddy work), it will complete the WG in our house. I could not figure what it reminded me of, but one day it hit me. It is the color of a frozen margarita. You can't get more cheerful than that!

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Love the whole look! So bright and welcoming! Especially like the fridge surround with the book shelves above and the smaller top cabinets with glass. Trying to figure out how to finish off my fridge surround, and really like this look. It looks like a wood frame, maybe 1 1/2, or is it wider than that? I've seen the fridge panels with the front trim piece, but like the looks of this frame instead. Did you build this yourself, or was it part of your cabinet order?
Enjoy your kitchen!

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Thanks! @dianalo, I'm really digging the Wales Green now in spite of some misgivings about it initially, and love the frozen margarita bit! We had a tough time finding a green that would play with the gray (and didn't really realize how gray the room would turn with the floor...after everything was in, my husband, who had held firm on the gray floor and gray cabinets, conceded that maybe some yellow or other colors might have worked too!) We actually negotiated to Wales Green from Pear Green (next color up on the chip) which was DH's first choice, but I think would have been a little too bright. We've also had the same thought about the shoe rack (and may yet go that route)---the challenge there is just that the beadboard area was an old laundry porch and has some funky structural stuff going on behind it so there aren't regular studs to mount things to in the same way. But we've talked about using the same IKEA brackets as the shelves for little shoe racks and then using some butcher block to make a bench above it.

@mtpam2, the fridge surround is actually an adjustable shelf with a front 1.5" piece that drops down to hide the air space on the top of the fridge (and is sized to match the rails on the cabinets). Our cabinets are custom so I basically drew it for our cabinetmaker and he built it, but you could easily do the same thing by just putting an open shelf between two fridge panels (either through a cabinet company or by leaving it open and having a carpenter build the shelf). The idea was to make the space adjustable for future fridges of varying heights---one reason we had to abandon our old cabinets was that our 1939 fridge enclosure was way too small for modern fridges and I wanted to avoid that problem at least for the foreseeable future! We ended up keeping our old fridge for now but the enclosure is sized to fit most 36" counter-depth fridges, and the shelf can bump up to be a shorter bookshelf or a cookie sheet shelf (it's on the lowest setting now). It's one of the things I'm especially pleased with on our cabinets---the other two being our angled cabinet (which I fought like crazy but my husband insisted on---turned out he was right!) and our under-sink double trash pullout, which neither the cabinetmaker nor the plumber believed would work, but which fits perfectly (and to their credit, both humored me and built/worked around it anyway).

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now that's a kitchen I'd take in a heartbeat! just love it. can't list everything - it'd be all of it!

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So many beautiful features! It must be a joy working in it!

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What a wonderful kitchen. I've seen a lot of discussions here about how to make a kitchen "timeless" and you have really created one. To me, it's both vintage AND modern. It fits the character and age of your house, yet still has a modern, fresh feel to it. Enjoy.

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I love it, great choices all around, it looks great!!! Beautiful and fun : )

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Terrific job, you have made great choices. It looks so comfortable and welcoming and not like you need to break out the good clothes just to go in (intimidating is not the right look for a kitchen in my book). I am envious of your stove. Congratulations!

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This kitchen is *so* Oakland! It reminds me of our old place on Forest St., but all fixed up. Good job, artemis!

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Cool - it looks fun! Enjoy!

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laura mcleod

Gorgeous! The windows and natural light are amazing and the space flows so well. The kitchen is so fresh and bright but also looks like it has always been there. Totally coveting your stove....

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It looks awesome. I agree with the others-keeping the stove was a great move.

Such a warm kitchen. Enjoy it & congrats.


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I love it. The first thing I thought was "oh no, I hope they kept the stove".
Great job. Terrific floor.

Open, bright, airy, functional, modern and old fashioned at once.

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I really love this. I've scrolled up and down looking at the pictures multiple times, which speaks to just how many wonderful details there are to take in. Really nice reno. I love it -- fits the house absolutely perfectly.

I love the sink and stove area -- it looks like a wonderful place to work. The stove is beautiful -- so glad you were able to keep it.

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Very bright and cheerful, you must be thrilled! Love your stove too, glad you kept it!

I have a question regarding your school house ceiling lights, what size are the shades?

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Love it, great details. My faves are the floor and the stove!

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For tinker, the shades are 14" (from Schoolhouse Electric)---I thought they were way too big when they first arrived but now we are used to them and they seem perfect. I think 12" would have worked well too but those didn't come with the stripes and DH really wanted stripes---could've just painted them ourselves but I didn't trust my ability to draw a straight line. ;) We also have strict lighting code requirements in California so to pass inspection these lights all take special GU24 light bulbs, which are quite large and needed deep shades---the 12" would have barely cleared the bulbs (I think) but the 14" shades clear them with a bit of wiggle room so it's easier to get them on and off. The green shade is 8".

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What in improvement from your original space! A beautiful new kitchen to make the heart of your home. Enjoy!

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Congratulations, it looks wonderful and I wish you much happiness.

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DARLING!!! Enjoy.

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Love your kitchen. We're almost done w/our 1918 house's kitchen and love our marmoleum floors too. We had similar big tiles before. New flood in itself was a huge improvement. We did a similar green wall and subway tile w/liner. Will post soon. Glad to hear you had to move some hardware, paint cans etc. to take pictures. We're still moving that stuff around even though kitchen's mostly done. Love your stove!

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Charming is exactly what this is...and with a lot of fun character, too. I love the floors, and the gray cabinets...the color we used in our laundry room and close to what's on my stove area. It's one of my favorite paint colors. Love the simple, classic and also gorgeous backsplash. Great job!

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I had to come out of lurkdom on this forum to comment on your new kitchen! I looked twice to be certain this was the NEW kitchen because it so perfectly suits the age and style of your home that I thought it might be the original kitchen.

Love the stove, lighting, eating area for humans and pets, the shoe rack, and the warmth and evidence of family living that happens in this room. You've achieved a timeless kitchen which is marvelously integrated with your bungalow.

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Love the soapstone with the green cabinets. Love the light fixtures, the open shelving, the hanging utensils and glad you kept the range. Beautiful vintage kitchen that fits your house, but with modern conveniences. Enjoy!

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I keep coming back to look at this yummy kitchen. As other have said, it is a fabulous mix of vintage character, in keeping with the age/style of the house, with a fresh modern vibe. Just wonderful. Enjoy!

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Seriously wonderful!

Going back for more gazing, but one thing I am really digging on is your sweet little pantry! Love that!

Big congrats!

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