Barrier island or sinking ship? Layout help

meme1October 3, 2012

While purchasing appliances we decided to update our kitchen from the previous owner. During the process, the cabinet person suggested we could change our layout to an island. Currently we have a peninsula, but it isn't that functional for us (2 adults).

Below is the new layout we are coming close to finalizing. The refrigerator and island aisle is 57-60". The area will also be a main walkway.

I read about aisle widths but am concerned it may be too narrow due to the refrigerator. Do you think we are cutting it too close? I appreciate your advice & suggestions.


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Sorry for the poor picture quality. I'm having problems posting the PDF.

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Is the only landing pad for things coming out of the fridge the island?

Personally, I would want the fridge closer to the sink.


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Put a prep sink on the island and it would be fine. Absent the prep sink, the fridge needs to go on the sink run at the end.

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Thanks for your input and advice. My preference is to move the refrigerator too. If it fits, it seems like a better layout.

Maddielee, yes, there is a landing spot next to the refrigerator.
Live wire oak, I wanted to move the refrigerator, but was told it's too big, it's 48". I'll get more details on the clearance space needed around the refrigerator and see if can work. If not I'll add the prep sink.


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It it is a 48" built in (like a subzero) then you have nothing to worry about regarding space. As for the sink, IMHO (and I'm not an expert) in an ideal world your fridge would be closer to your sink, but in the size of your kitchen you will manage fine with the distance.

As an aside - to post the pdf you need to save it as a jpeg.

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I would move the fridge. Right now the island is a barrier between fridge and sink. But if you move the fridge, you lose most of the prep space on the perimeter. The space between sink and range is going to get stacked with dirty dishes.
Definitely a prep sink on the island whether you move the fridge or not. I would put it near the fridge. Then the island cabs are prep space convenient to sink, range, and fridge.

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Thanks for the additional is a 48" built in refrigerator. I am going to talk to gc more about moving it to the sink wall.

Laura, thank you so much! It is reassuring to know that if we can't move the refrigerator that space won't be an issue.

Bellsmom, those are good points too. I didn't think about losing perimeter space or the placement of the prep sink. Thanks!

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