6 inch upper cabinet gap - what to do?

chris_cwodOctober 23, 2012


I'm hoping I can get some good opinions or ideas for a small issue we've run into...

We are getting our cabinets refaced, taking down a stub wall, and adding a pantry to our kitchen. When our KDs measured one of our existing upper cabinets, they didn't take into account a gap that will be between the existing upper cabinet and the pantry (there is currently trim board and stub wall there, but that will be removed). The gap is 5.5", and when they discovered it the guy said a 6" cabinet would work in that spot.

The total space is about 42", and our existing cabinet is 36" and has 2 doors.

But...I'm just not sure how such a skinny cabinet would look, especially as an upper cabinet. I think our options are:

a) Put in a skinny 6-inch cabinet. But then do we use a slab door for that? We'd have to, I guess. Also, the cabinets go to the ceiling, and the actual usable interior width would be only about 4.5" I think.

b) Put in an entirely new large cabinet to replace the existing one (obviously the most expensive choice and something we weren't expecting to do).

c) Do something different like put a skinny spice rack or wine rack in that spot (still not sure how this would look)

Any thoughts on what would look best? I'm all for practical usable space, but I also want it to look good because it's in a prominent spot that you see when you enter the kitchen.

If anyone else has run into this issue and has pictures of their solution, I'd love to see those as well.



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could you post a pic of the area in question?

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I will when I get home tonight, deedles!

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I have a friend who ran into a similar situation. They built shelves into the small gap and fitted them with wicker baskets. They use the area to store potatoes, onions and garlic. This might work for you too, particularly since it is located adjacent to your pantry. I also like the wine storage idea. Also, depending upon the complete layout of your kitchen, could you put power at the back of the shelves? They might make a good spot to charge cell phones and iPods.

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I am with stayaloft, that is exactly what I would do with it. Shelves for storage.

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I vote for a skinny wine rack--cheap, easy, functional.

This one is oviously in an island, not uppers, but may help you visualize:

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I did wine rack too. Great solution if you need a place for wine

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A surprising amount can fit on a 4.5 inch space

Wine bottles
Soup cans
Baking sheets
Most casseroles and frying pans

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Sorry for my late response - it's been a crazy week shuttling back and forth with the remodel going on. Just wanted to thank you all for your responses! Shanghaimom, the pictures you posted were very helpful for visualizing what a wine rack would look like. We were actually 99% set on a wine rack after seeing it, but at the last minute decided to do a pull-out spice rack in the gap. It'll be kind of high for me, but we've got a ton of spices and bottles (some of which only get used once every couple of months), so I think it will be more practical for us to have the spice rack there. Plus moving all those spices/bottles into the pull-out will clear up at least one of our pantry shelves for other things. Thanks again for the helpful input!

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