The Baker's Kitchen

dragonfly08October 22, 2012

Just sharing a video someone sent me of Abby Dodge's kitchen. She is primarily a baker, so her kitchen reflects this. I think there are some great ideas for organization and layout here.

But, I am just dying over her personal "nook" with what I'd call her combination butler-and-baking-pantry.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Baker's Kitchen

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Thank you for sharing that. Really very interesting. I LOVE kitchen eye candy as much as the next person but there is something refreshing about seeing a hard-working kitchen in its "natural state." I have to say, I'm not sold on that crazy sink layout (can you imagine what folks here would say about that if someone brought that layout here for review?), but I love the island baking station with the huge drawers full of all her baking stuff.

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I thought the sinks were weird until she discussed the upsides, and then I could see a bit of advantage with that area in the middle. They are definitely a 1-cook set-up.

I loved the window views, the office/cookbook storage, and the pantry. But what I didn't like, interestingly enough in a 'baker's kitchen,' is how the baking area was so fragmented and spread out. Why have the dry ingredients and measuring cups in the big island, which is not really close to the counter where she mixes her doughs and batters? And the ovens are even farther away, and a longish trip around islands when she's otherwise busy in the kitchen. I'm glad she loves it, and it was fun to see, but not what I'd want. I assume she may have started with limitations and made the best of things.

Thanks for sharing it!

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