Swanstone sinks good?

PoorOwnerOctober 20, 2008

So I think I am going to get the granite sink (black)

and I think I am going to get a brand called Swanstone.

They have a nice one with a deep side and shallow smaller side.. and it looks fairly good even for a drop in type sink.

Anyone happy users? know how they compare to Silgranit, Pegasus, Franke, etc?

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I have one and love it. I have the 'ascend', it has a deep bowl and a raised area on the right side. It is very handy to dry things on or to set things when you are filling them with water. also just a handy area to get things out of the way. I have had it since last March and it is great. I have the black one, it is really easy to keep clean.

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I have the sink you are looking at, the Swanstone with a low rise between the sinks. I love it. I have hard water and the sink is still easy to keep clean, just polish it once in a while with car polish.

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Had ours for almost a year and love it! IT's so easy to keep clean, always looks good, is very practical and efficient. We have the Grohe Bridgeport faucet in nickel finish with it and get lots of compliments. I would definitely recommend it.

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Can I ask what you do for sink grids in the ascend since swanstone does not sell them. I looked at your sinks too and really liked them but was disapointed that swanstone does not sell sink grids.

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Hi, we just put that black one in. I went to Lowes to order a black kindred granite composite but couldnt get it in a single bowl even special ordered. We wound up getting the black galaxy sandstone sink single bowl. I like the look of it and it seems to be easy to care for so far. It wasnt my first choice but I didnt want to wait and do it online, and I knew Lowes would look at it with me before I took it home etc, thus no hassels sending it back as when online ordering. (I have had my success and tragedy when online ordering, but didnt have time to wait.) Actually anyway, last time we had a kindred composite it got a pinhole in it, really weird and my husband reminded me which weakend my resolve. I am happy with the Swanstone. It was easy to drill and so far looks good. I like the depth of it too.

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Thanks, I found out they sell the sink a white and grey color (granito). Does anyone have these colors beside the black? I have not seen a single picture and the color palette online is not helpful

Pollyanna, you mean Lowes sells Swanstone sinks?

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Yes, I had to order the one I wanted, they have had those sinks on display there before, so I asked about them being available in single bowl. I think they had tiny samples of the colors on a board. But it might have been for shower walls or someother products also. The black galaxy is not like the granite of the same name. The specks are small and white and not sparkly.

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Our customers love the Swanstone sinks, the black being the most popular color. The literature reads...only a diamond can scratch them!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Remodeling Chicago

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