Carinr & her Flylady or Polish your Sink!

CEFreemanOctober 8, 2012

(Long, of course!)

I sometimes hate myself. Mostly I hate myself when I come home from work in the middle of the night and can't stand the piles of crap everywhere. I blame continual construction -- which in some places is valid. However, I'm going to bare my soul here and probably embarrass myself. Sometimes it's not.

I am building so much storage IKEA would be jealous. It'll all have to be painted or stained, so I've just been cramming stuff in those cabinets, or stacking it so I could "later". I might use it (in a year or so) and need it nearby.

My cat room with its new vinyl flooring is becoming organized because I had to take everything out of it. Clean, too! However, "everything" has been on the front porch now for 2 weeks.

I'll begin by being honest.

(Here's big one: ) I sleep in my laundry. Well. Beside it.

I have a carpet remnant balled up on the kitchen floor on the plywood where I step over it because I'm moving my cabs around. Ok, so the trash pull-out/silverware drawer is in the middle of the room and has been for, oh, say 6 weeks, but it's handy having another cabinet top to set things on because the counters are stacked with "important" crap.

You get the gist.

So in comes this Flylady thing. I read her site and said, yes, good idea. and went to bed.

Today, though, I

emptied my DW (only doing them once a month or so, anyway) and

put the rinsed dishes stacked int he sink IN the DW.

I [whisper] polished my gorgeous, RED, Kohler double-bowl, 'Hawthorne' farm sink. Oh, sooooo pretty! I was inspired to declutter. Some. Just a bit, I said. Really don't want to get carried away with this craziness.

I cleaned out a MBR cabinet (stuff stacked other places now, though) and

organized the King bed-sized linens in it. Out of site and out of cat fur and dust now!

I did 3 loads of laundry, including the sheets I sleep on, (ok, not "in") and the laundry I've been kicking around. While I sleep.

I ... made my bed. OMG. What a concept!

I ... sorted piles of laundry I've had folded & stacked until "later" and put them away or sorted to donate.

I folded the new laundry and PUT IT AWAY!.

Then I stopped to eat and write in my "What I did today" journal (so know I actually do accomplish things in my life), and tell you here, what a revolution I'm undergoing.

Tomorrow I plan to tackle the new piles organizing created and probably something in the kitchen. My piles of papers are (an) organized (mess) so those can wait.

Anyway, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. I admit I've become a housekeeping pig. Exhaustion, overwork, overwhelmedness and probably some depression has me just ignoring things or going to bed. Really, since I could tell you exactly where everything is, right down to tape, paper clips, that funny square screwdriver, etc., I felt organized. It was just the piles that blew my cover.

So. Flylady or Carinr, I don't know whom I dislike the most at the moment, but I'll figure it out. In the meanwhile, I think I'll dust my bedroom tomorrow for the first time since I moved back in in 2006. Maybe the kitchen, too, but I don't want to lose my mind. 15 minutes is all Flylady asks.

I Kinda hate you. But, as I said, with loving kindness.

And my sink is polished.

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You are brave honey.
Yes I checked out the flylady and polished my sink too.
My laundry is in the washer as I type.
Now I have to get back to designing (as we build) my new house, readying my kitchen plan for the electrician who's coming back Friday.
I'm here only for insight into LED UCL and ACL.
I's getting so I dread coming here for help which I desperatly need because someone always posts something to get me sidetracked!!!
Case in Point the Flylady - never heard of her before. But I am very familiar with the genre :)
At this point I'll never get this house done let alone the kitchen!!
However it WAS really nice to wake up to that sink....

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I knew I was onto something!!!

I always clean/wipe out my bathroom sink before going to bed. This way I have a sparkling clean sink to wash up in when I wake-up! :-)

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I had heard about flylady a few years ago but never went to the web site. Well I did today and signed up.

I think I get to skip the make your sink shine step as my sink is not hooked up. So I read ahead and plan to get completely ready in the morning (tomorrow) down to slippers, sorry I hate wearing actual shoes. This will be a big step for me.

Thanks for the inspiration to get moving. This week I actually started my own schedule I came up with. So good timing.

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Oh boy, now I gotta check this site out when I get a chance.

Christine, you are not alone. I too have a clutter/organization issue, most often due to good intentions. It's how I lived growing up. And it's damn hard to change when that's all you know.

So far we have cleared out the bedroom, which was rewarded with a new bedroom set! 10 years seemed long enough, and it made the small victory easier to maintain. Then I finally finished converting a spare room into a library, it spent about 2 years in transition. Most recently the upstairs bath, which I kinda like to clean now that it's all new.

On to the kitchen! I figure if we can manage the kitchen and still see the carpet in the living room it will be a major victory. And give us the courage to tackle the soon to be office room, which is clutter central now that the rest of the house is doing good.

So glad you are making progress and feeling good! It's certainly not easy!

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You go, girl! Courage to you. And inspiration to some of us.

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Fly Lady was a pain when I was in her program. Constant emails to shine my sink, declutter one of my hot spots or clean out my purse! It wore me out just reading about what I should be doing.

However, I keep telling myself that when we move into Mule House things will be different. Lotsa luck on that one, Georgia! But really, I will try.

We went by the house today and the 'Worker Guy' was working. He's put primer on the front wall, the one with the windows. Then he told me which parts he was going to paint with the wall color and which parts he was going to do in the white trim paint. I'm happy he has a good eye for this stuff.

I'd found large round white florescent lights with motion sensors in them and am using those for 2 different rooms which will eliminate having to run wiring for wall switches. The electrical guy will wire them all in this week.

Laundry at our house has been a tad difficult lately. My dryer died and I didn't want to get another one because I have to put a W/D into Mule House. So I cracked down on DH's daily fresh towel usage with the announcement that towels would only be washed every 2 weeks.

Well, today I bought a W/D stacked unit for Mule House and have until the 23rd to get the vinyl flooring down and have the electrical and plumbing done. I have every faith and confidence that 'Worker Guy' will get it all taken care of. Oh, and painting that room to match the kitchen.

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"I blame continual construction"

hey! me too... and 'I'm in the process of moving'

both of those ARE true - and have been for a over a yr on one and about 2 yrs on the other.

not that I'm building or even really remodeling. The place was just in such bad condition! and waiting on people, money and things - and energy (me). and through most of that I was taking care of 2 very sick furbabies. All I needed was a shingle on the siding - 'Dog Hospital'.

It's still in fairly bad shape but a lot has been done so I see hope. off in the distance. I'm already living in the new place - without flooring in most rooms.

water hook up is screwy but I've lived with that often in the past 14 yrs.

stuff is here, there and everywhere and I forget what I've brought over and if I remember bringing it - I often have no idea where I put it. no real furniture here yet. I have a bx springs/mattress on the floor in my bdroom and few small tables and a tv.

I can only dream about being to the point where I mostly only have to do some cleaning, dusting, light cooking (or take out) - fairly normal upkeep.

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Oh, oh.
Join? Uhhhhh... no. that would be too much like a commitment. I wanna keep it light, you know. No strings, free to see other people, you know. Light.

And I forgot about the shoe thing. Most likely not gonna happen. I wear shoes to work, but that's about it. Of course, I don't go any where else, so no worries. Teaching yoga I'm barefoot. My feet are strong and healthy. And sometimes clean. Cleaner than the house, come to think of it! [LOL]

I was proud of myself today and will do some more tomorrow. It's too cold and rainy to do much outside, so ...

Normal upkeep. I think people lie about that just to make me feel even more inadequate. I just know it.

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CEF - One of the advantages to living alone. I take it as my right to clean up my own mess on my own time schedule. Do not ruin this rationale for other single people, please.


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