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flanagsOctober 8, 2013

Met with the KD and we have our first pass on our layout. The Kitchen opens up into a breakfast nook and then into the great room. Its a U-shape design so there really isn't too much to play with things but I'm not sure about how the island is configured.. Across from the oven, in the island is a microwave drawer with the prep sink right next to it. I'm thinking of moving the prep sink to the completely opposite side of the island in the diagonal corner. As we are a family of 5 we could get another seat in the current prep sink location and loose the seat on the end. any and all comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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Here's another view.

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The prep sink will be useless as a prep sink in the opposite corner. It would be too close to the main sink and too far from everything else. (Range and refrigerator).

What is the hutch area for? It may make sense to have a countertop microwave there so it is pretty close to the fridge, close to where you eat, but out of the main triangle. I don't think countertop microwaves are that popular in here but it might make sense.

The seating on two sides of the island actually lends some social sense to the seating because it allows some face-to face interaction. I wouldn't be surprised if people wanted to sit more like two on the side and two on the end rather than all lined up diner style.

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You would love to have an undercounter refrigerator drawer unit at the end of the hutch facing into the great room. It keeps traffic outside of the main work area. Great for drinks, yogurts and parties. Also for extra produce, juices. Drawers avoid getting on knees to look for things, but they are pricey. I love mine. Just think about family members standing in front of the main fridge when you are in the middle of preparing a meal. Or when you buy a lot of produce at the market. There's a premium on fridge space for growing families. Mainly, traffic.

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Hmm - so much to consider. I had thought the prep sink in the current spot was a bit in the way ? Total get the idea of it being near the fridge and stove but being that both DH and I cook and usually together when we entertain - wouldn't one be in the way of a person cooking ?

Also, hadn't thought about sitting at the island and conversation part - that Absolutley makes sense.

Keep em coming.

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Hi, Flanags.

My thought is that four seats in a straight row is unsociable. Like a diner where sitting in a row allows as much privacy as one can have that close to another person. Even among family, people on the ends miss half of what's going on. At least. I'd keep that seat on the end regardless of where the sink goes.

As for a sink? Where do you think you're really going to prep most? The short end of the island is too small to fit in a sink and leave good room for working. The long side is both pretty far from the stove and around the corner, outside any "triangle" that might include the stove and fridge.

OTOH, there's a very nice work area to the right of the stove, between it and the large sink, and on a straight line to the fridge. It may be that you'll do most of your work there, in which case you wouldn't need a prep sink in the island at all.

You could even clip or curve that far corner so anyone sitting there would be able to look toward the others, and vice versa.

Note that you could conceivably plumb for a sink but not install it unless you decided you wanted it later on. If this were a new build, it wouldn't cost much at all.

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I don't see the mw? Instead of a counter one I would suggest in the lower part of an upper cabinet.

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I really think it looks great! My only question is what others asked above: what is the hutch going to be used for? If it is for your dishes, it seems really out of the way of the dishwasher (for unloading.)

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I had thought the prep sink in the current spot was a bit in the way ? Total get the idea of it being near the fridge and stove but being that both DH and I cook and usually together when we entertain - wouldn't one be in the way of a person cooking ?

If you have 48" (counter over hang (usually) 1.5" added to cab size when calculating) b/w the edge of the island to the edge of the stove then you should be OK.

I agree with others that MW could move to the hutch.

If prep sink would be on the island, the drawing has it at the best spot available on the island, with this layout imo. You could consider a counter extension on the side of the 27" cab to increase prep space, but if another person is working at the main sink at the same time, this may be inconvenient. Even with an extension the sink would be too close to the seat.

One alternative could be to move the range to the sink wall and have no cabs on the range wall. The island can then be extended 2', but you'd have to go around the island to reach the fridge. Or island can be moved 2' towards the previous range wall, fridge go to where you have the hutch. 4th seater can go to the other end of the island. In either case since prep and main sink/DW would be back to back, an aisle width less than 48" can be too tight.

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One poster asked where the current MW is - at the moment it's a drawer MW (which I'm not too sure about but that's a whole other topic) in the island directly opp. The range.

The hutch is something that we hadn't given much thought into for it's use but thanks to everyone's suggestions we are looking at putting in either the fridge drawers (as a poster mentioned :)) or a beverage center. We have a 7,5and 3yr old so we loved the idea of juice boxes, yogurts etc. I also like that maybe the microwave can go there too - making popcorn etc. all great ideas

Awesome !

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Ok now that I know where it is I do think it should be moved. One of the best result of having the mw and range is separate locations is that people can be using both at the same time without bothering each other.

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Having the MW in that location is/was my fault - I didn't want the MW in the main Kitchen area at all but rather in the Pantry - which is located right behind the fridge through the walk way. I originally didn't like the look of a MW in the kitchen so the KD placed it there as you can't 'see'it unless you're right on top of it. I'm also not sold on the MW drawers as 1) they are expensive and 2) i haven't seen any great reviews on them- drawers not working any more. Both DH and I treat MW's like toaster ovens - where if they break we just pick up another one and place it back on the counter (in the pantry). The KD didn't think it was a wise idea for re-sale purposes to not put a MW in the kitchen. On a side-note - we are planning on being in the house for the next 15-20yrs but it will not be our forever house.

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