Mixing KitchenAid Proline and Architect appliances - handles

juddgirl2October 12, 2013

We're updating the kitchen and will be replacing all of the black KitchenAid appliances with stainless steel KitchenAid appliances.

The cabinets will be refinished and a few will be modified but the appliances will stay in the same location. The refrigerator and oven/microwave unit are on one wall, and the dishwasher and trash compactor are on the adjacent peninsula, with just the sink cabinet separating them.

DH prefers the Pro Line series because of the heavier, tubular handles, but the trash compactor seems to only be available in the Architect series, with the flatter, curved handles. I plan on ordering the Pro Line refrigerator and wall oven but I'm not sure about the dishwasher.

I prefer the Pro Line handles, but would it look more cohesive if the dishwasher matches the trash compactor since they're so close to each other? Or do you think it would be better to have all matching handles except the trash compactor? (The dishwasher isn't near the walkway so I'm not worried about bumping into the ProLine handle.)

Also, does anyone have a CD Pro Line refrigerator right next to a Pro Line wall oven unit? I'm wondering if there's an issue with interference with the larger refrigerator and oven handles when the refrigerator door swings open. I know (from experience, unfortunately) the dents that can result when someone opens the refrigerator door when the microwave door is also open, but I'm wondering if there's an issue even when the oven/micro doors are closed.

(Dishwasher and trash compactor are on either side of the sink on peninsula)

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I have the Proline dishwasher and while I like it just fine, the handle does look a bit like overkill to me, and I almost wish I'd selected one of the models with a "flush" handle. That might be a better way for you to go and then you wouldn't have to worry about whether or not the handles matched.

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My DW and range have the KA proline handles, and my KA fridge does not. I like the proline handles soooo much better, but when we ordered the appliances I had no idea about the handles. So, while I don't think it looks bad, I do wish I had the nice beefy handles on the fridge, too. Here are some pics of the appliances.
Here is pic with fridge and range in it:

Here is pic with DW in it: (this was right after we moved in...the walls are not bare now!)

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KitchenAid Architect handles on Refrigerator Picture

Here is a link that might be useful: KitchenAid Architect handles on Refrigerator Picture

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KitchenAid Proline Handles- click refrigerator picture to enlarge. I wish when I ordered my KitchenAid Dishwasher I knew about the Proline handles as I prefer the easier to hold handles. I am still deciding on a new refrigerator and I like the Proline handles better and the Jenn-air handles but my dishwasher will be right next to the refrigerator. I have the GE Café Range that matches a little better with the Proline Handles. I tried to go to the KitchenAid site and I could not get pictures of both handles.

Here is a link that might be useful: KitchenAid Proline Handles - click the Refrigerator Pic to enlarge it

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Nina804, your kitchen is stunning. The Range is far enough from the refrigerator that it does not matter. But I see what you mean. I feel the same way as I wish I got the Proline handles or the Jenn-Air handles as I have a little hand and the kitchenAid Architect handle on my dishwasher is not that comfortable to hold.

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KitchenAid Compactor Architect handle is not that big that I do not think it would matter which handle you got. Click the link below and lock the picture to enlarge.

Here is a link that might be useful: KitchenAid Compactor Architect handle

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jellytoast - I'm glad to hear you like your dishwasher. I like your suggestion of ordering a flush dishwasher but really like the Pro Line. It's pretty :-) KA doesn't seem to offer a flush lip for the trash compactor anymore.

I just called the store and the appliance salesman suggested getting the "panel ready" trash compactor instead of stainless, so we can have a panel made to match the cabinets (which will be painted off-white) and won't need to use an appliance handle. I like the idea but DH thinks a light painted cabinet face is not a good choice for a trash compactor, with kids in the house.

I don't know if it would be a problem. We don't usually get food on the front of the trash compactor now (just fingerprints) and it would still be cleanable.

lynn2006 - thank you for posting the links!

nini - you have my dream kitchen. It's gorgeous! Definitely going in my inspiration file for my eventual major remodel. I didn't even notice that the handles were different in the pictures until I went back to check.

If both of you like the look and function of the Pro Line handles, can you get replacement handles for your appliances through KitchenAid? The specs on the Architect and Pro Line appliances I'm looking at are the same, so I'm thinking the handle is the only difference.

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nini - would you mind sharing info for your counters and cabinet style/color? For my "someday dream kitchen" idea file :-)

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Sure! Thanks for your kind words! My cabs are maple painted white, full overlay. They were finished at the factory, but the color is closest to SW super white. I have Carrara marble for the perimeter and walnut for the island top.

I actually think a panel for your compactor is a great idea! We have a pull out for our garbage cans and it doesn't get any dirtier than anything else. I imagine a compactor wouldn't be any different. I wish I had panels for my fridge! :)

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Nini - thanks so much for the info. I've been wondering how a white kitchen might work in my house, since I have a lot of warmer tones. Your walnut counter and wood floors really make your space so warm and inviting, even with the light cabinets and marble counters, and I think this could work for me too (in my next remodel - not this mini update).

I think I'll talk DH into the panel. We do have a 10 year old who's still a little iffy when she cleans her dinner plate into the trash compactor, but I could assign her the task of regularly cleaning the cabinet. That might encourage her to be more careful :-)

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Handles are not interchangeable on the KitchenAid appliances. If you go with an Architect appliance, you can't switch out the handles for Proline ... something about where the holes are drilled, so they don't line up.

One thing I do like about the Proline handles is how easy they are to keep clean. Just wipe them with a damp towel and they look great. My former white GE always had the nastiest looking handles; they never looked clean!

My advice on KitchenAid SS appliances ... check them VERY, VERY carefully when they are delivered. The tiniest imperfection on the SS will show as a dent, depending on how the light hits it. I have a pin-prick size imperfection on the SS of my dishwasher, but when the light hits it just right, it becomes a dent. If that sort of thing is important to you, just be aware that you should check it out thoroughly.

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jellytoast - thanks for the great info. Good to know before I order that I can't switch out the handles later if I change my mind. I'll also be careful to check for dents right when they're delivered since they'll be boxed in our garage for awhile.

I didn't even think about it but can see why the Pro Line handles would be easier to clean. My current KA refrigerator handles aren't that easy to clean either.

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