White honed granite?

CRobMOctober 11, 2012

I have been lurking this forum for a while as I plan our kitchen remodel. It has been very helpful and I appreciate the collective knowledge of this place.

I have been researching countertop materials and would like to get close to the look of Calcutta marble with better durability. Therefore, I have been thinking about a light granite or quartzite with a honed finish. I have been reading about some issues people have had with the darker granites (absolute black, etc), as well as soapstone showing water or grease marks. Many have talked about this in reference to the DARKER stone.

What I want to know is if anyone knows of any problems of staining with a lighter/white honed granite?


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We lived in an apartment with a light polished granite...tomato sauce stained it!

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Really? Stained by tomato sauce. You sure it was not marble? Do you know what kind of granite it was or have any photos?

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I have been looking at white granites also. There was a piece of honed Kashmir White at the granite yard and the salesperson said that unless you were very diligent in sealing it, the granite would be particularly susceptible to staining because of it being honed.

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We've had honed Moon Night Granite (others call it Super White Quartzite) for over a year now. We have never had a single stain...and are big red wine drinkers. aka - spills almost weekly and sometimes not found until the next morning. Tomato sauce - no stains either. It has etched from citrus juice (limes) but you can barely tell. That spot is just more matte looking since it's already has that kind of finish. I have never had a water stain that didn't come up with a soapy sponge or rag either. Here is our stone just after install so you can see how light it is. From Moon Night Granite Install

Here is the etching: From Beveled Arabesque Backsplash install

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CRobM, it was about five years ago and I'd have to really go digging for photos. The fancy new apartment building advertised granite. It looked like granite. Maybe it just wasn't sealed properly?

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