Small closet Pantry(not walk-in) shelf arrangement, Pictures

likewhatyoudoOctober 10, 2013

I am getting close to finishing my basement bar/kitchenette space. I run a in-home daycare and need help with my small pantry closet shelf design. The closet is 23 deep X 43 wide interior with a 24 inch frosted glass door centered. I will be storing a swiffer, broom, food and craft items.

If anyone has pictures of reach in closet pantry or any guidelines for shelf spacing and depth that would be great to see. I have searched GW and read many of the pantry posts but very few with a space like mine.

Thanks - RT

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If not for the glass door, I would recommend hanging the broom and swiffer on the back of the door. As it is, you have the make sure your shelves are not full depth (at least not on both sides) to allow room for handles.

Rather than plan the space first, it might be better to flesh out exactly what will go in there. Plastic tubs are great for craft supplies and even food, but of course cereal boxes take up more space than cans of soup. That's why evaluating the usage comes first. I'm thinking about things like Legos, board games, jigsaw puzzles - because the shelves are wider than the door, you'll have to pull something out of the middle to remove things from the sides of a shelf.

In my new kitchen, I put extra shelves in several upper cabinets, to minimize stacking. I'm pleased with the result!

You have a beautiful space!

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I had a similar closet, narrower, believe it or not. I put a couple of 12" lower shelves and 8" shelves above on the back wall, and a wall-mounted wire basket unit on one side wall.

After evaluating the things you're going to store, consider shelves on two sides, and maybe a basket unit on the third side, brooms on the door.

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