granite fabricator in SE Michigan

Sofia_11October 21, 2013

Hi everyone,
would you please share your granite install experience and recommend granite fabricator in SE Michigan.
How was your counter tops install and was it complex, what kind of edges you choose and how it works for you now?
Looking for good granite fabricator.
Thank you in advance!

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Sofia - I would highly recommend the stone guys we used. They used the laser template and our seams our seamless. I was unable to stay for the entire time - our KD and GC came to cover for me but I have been very pleased.
We used Cambria but they also do granite. I used a simple edge as my kitchen is transitional towards modern.
Vassar Michigan 989.871.5000
They travel to SE Mi frequently.
Good luck!

If you are close to A2 - stop on by.

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Call Solid Surfaces Unlimited in Sterling Heights. I used to work for them. Great folks and fabricators.

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Paxton Tops and Showers too.

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Thank you a2gemini, I just learned what is laser template!
And shoot them email.

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Blasius just did my cambria vanity top---it's perfect. for my kitchen I used Superstone In Detroit-Pete is fantastic....old school (pencil and paper)-eastern european...did a great job. I used Granite Planet in Livonia for a small bathroom job a couple years ago--He is the fabricator of choice for many in the livonia/northville area--he's good an his price is right! My girlfriends contractor used Ultimate in Redford--she is also very happy.

Many neighbors have used Leonardo's---very unhappy with their work and service.

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Blasius is very good, but unless things have changed, you need to use a dealer (middleman) for them to fabricate for you.

a2gemini, does A2 mean A squared?

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I know you've had several replies and may have already found your guy. But if not, Elis from Best Granite & Marble is who I'm using. He comes highly recommended through my sister-in-law, who is a PERFECTIONIST and used him tons of times for flips and also my GC says he is the best he has worked with. He is out of Warren and covers the metro area. You can find your stone at any stone yard or use a quartz. If you would like his info, let me know.

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lcskaisgir , yes please let me know Elis info. Thank you.

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His name is Elis Komnenovic @ Best Granite & Marble, (313)247-3909,

Good luck!!

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A2 stands for AA which is the townie term for Ann Arbor.
A townie is someone born and raised in A2 - I almost qualify as I lived in A2 more than 1/2 my life.

Sofia - I don't know if Blasius requires a middle person or not - but they can tell you for sure.

Looking forward to seeing your outcome.

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Well, not to nitpick (or highjack!), but Ann Arbor is actually A^2 (said "A squared"). It's not just a townie term; the whole state abbreviates it that way. I always thought the 2 in your username was referencing the twin of gemini, and had no idea you were from my town! I've been a member of both the town and gown sets here, and much prefer the town side of things.

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I wrote an essay about Planet Granite, but I'm sure the mods would never let me post it here. Funny, but the swear words are essential to the story.

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Cat-thanks for adding. - are you still in a Ann Arbor
And then everyone in Michigan uses their hand as a map.

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I also used Blasius. They were great.

I am in Farmington Hills, just down the street from A2.

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Yay fellow Michiganders! It's the mitten state.

Sofia - I can't make a recommendation yet as I've only just picked my stone. Working through Cobblestone in Berkley.

Btw Heidi - my sis lives in FH. I'm in Beverly Hills, around the corner.

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Hi cat, I'm another Ann Arbor resident, in fact, had a wonderfully useful visit with a2gemini and her kitchen a week or so ago. I'm mostly a lurker right now as our kitchen redo is part of a larger house addition project and things are moving at glacial speed. But the basement walls are in now, only about a month later than planned. And our builder has said that nov 4, her crew will start taking out the back wall & demo basically the back half of our house, then all the framing should go up over several weeks. Temporary kitchen in the living room, here we come.

Anyway, I digress. Sofia, We are using Pascuccis Marble & Granite in Wixom. We will pick the granite in a few weeks once the cabinet plans are finalized. Pascuccis was highly recommended and used by our builder who is very particular about who she works with. I saw some examples of their work at a nearby house so I am confident that the work will be done correctly. It sounds like you have several good suggestions. good luck

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