Sink on backorder, what to do?

bookworm4321October 9, 2013

So the cabinets arrived this morning, and will be installed by Monday. I called the saleswoman from plumbing store, and sink on back order. This was Blanco Performa. I inquired why she didn't tell me this weeks ago (ordered in August). I chose the Blanco over the Franke Oceania because the latter takes a month to be delivered. Left it with her that she'll find out from disributor if it really will come in 2 weeks.

Should I call other stores? Order online?

Any suggestions appreciated.

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Call other stores! There was no waiting on my Oceania at all.

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Oh my, this brings up bad memories for me. I ordered a Blanco Cascade for my kitchen last September. It still wasn't in by Thanksgiving. (The cabinets were installed November 8.) The backorder kept getting pushed back until I had enough. I changed my order to the Blanco Diamond Super Single and it was here within a week. I was without a working sink until January when I should have had one by Thanksgiving. Find another sink but make sure it is in stock before you order it.

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Have you tried Amazon? We ordered a Blanco from them - it was the 25 inch single - and it arrived within about a week. I was a little annoyed at the vast amount of packaging that came with it - wasteful and hard to dispose of (we didn't order fine china!), but it was an excellent price and just what we wanted.

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Get online and order from someone else. I just had to do this for my sister's kitchen.

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Thanks all. I call around tomorrow, to see if anyone has it in stock. I was scared to order online, but if I need to, I'll be back to ask who is reliable.

Corgimum, that is so awful you had to wait so long for a sink. This must have delayed the fabrication, too.

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If you go with a reliable source, why would going online matter? The prices are often excellent because you can shop around without living your house, and you may not have to pay sales tax. Some of them offer free shipping as well. I found the coolest lights on Not exactly the same as a sink, but *so* convenient and just what we wanted.

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