Kitchen paint colors...need outside opinions.

HeatherL623October 17, 2013

Hello! I need some paint color help.

I am looking for a true light to medium gray, preferably Benjamin Moore, to go in my open floor plan kitchen/dining/living. Our house is being built right now so I cannot put paint samples on the walls. I have been using poster boards but the house doesn't even have lighting in it yet so I'm having a tough time. I have tried so many colors and have not been happy with anything and I don't want to spend anymore money.

A little bit about the house...
We picked BM chantilly lace for the perimeter cabinets and all trim with Caesarstone Piatra Gray quartz countertops. We are doing the island in BM kendall charcoal with a carrara marble countertop. The ceiling will be Minwax Jacobean stained tongue and groove cypress. White subway tile backsplash and all stainless appliances. The dining room is apart of the kitchen and has the same tongue and groove ceiling, we are going to have a farmhouse table with linen colored upholstered chairs. The living room is separated by a brick archway but I want to keep the walls the same color. We are going to be buying a dark gray charcoal sofa from Bassett and do pops of aqua in both rooms. I am going to get some metal bar stools and have them powder coated in aqua and I already have an aqua lamp that I just purchased. So that is the plan so far. The only thing I am missing is my wall color, which I need to tell my builder ASAP!!

Ok so let me hear your favorite grays. Up until recently I was planning on going with BM ozark shadows, but I am thinking that this color may be just a tad too dark for what I want. I am kind of leaning towards BM moonshine right now but I am unsure. Anybody have any experience with this color?

Does everything sound like it is going to flow? I am so terrible at decorating and visualizing things that aren't there. I need HELP!!!!

Thanks in advance!! :)

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One option is to just prime it now and wait to select wall color until everything else is in.

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I have loved pictures of peoples kitchens and houses with BM Revere Pewter.

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With gray you have to be very careful of undertones. What color undertone are you looking for? Green? Blue? Purple? Beige? There are so many different directions you can go with gray.
Moonshine is definitely in the "greige" family. Is that what you are looking for? Revere Pewter is an awesome greige.

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I did buy a sample of revere pewter but I wasn't that excited about it. I love it on some of the pics I've seen on Pinterest, but my sample was way more beige than gray. I even brought all of my samples to work to show the other girls here and nobody liked the revere pewter. My friend is in the same stage of building as we are and she picked revere pewter for her house so I was hoping I would be able to go check it out before I had to tell my builder my choices.

Yeah I guess I am looking for more of a greige (more gray than beige) or I would be ok with purple undertones. The ozark shadows that my husband and I both really like has a purple undertone but it's just too dark.

Thanks for answering my question! :)

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junco East Georgia zone 8a

The BM website shows Cape May Cobblestone with Kendall Charcoal. You might try that. You should also get a swatch of the fabric available from Bassett to make sure it won't clash.

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Look at Perspective BM. Also try broxburn greige BM.

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I am not a paint expert by any means, but I wonder...if you like the Ozark Shadows but think it might be too dark, what about trying it at a % level? I don't know exactly how this works, but have heard my selections person talk about getting a specific color at 50% or even 25%. Maybe that's an option to keep the color you like, but less dark? Hopefully others with better knowledge can chime in on this...

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What about getting ozark shadows at 50 or 75%?

Edited to add- I see Beth and I had the same thought at the same time!

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Check out Benjamin Moore Shale, the color definitely fits what you are looking for...

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It's not BM, but SW light french gray is a true gray that is light to medium. All your elements would look great with a gray with a blue/green undertone like BM quiet moments.

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After trying many samples in my DD's house, we found that BM Stonington Grey was a great color. In her house it did not show green, blue or purple undertones. The picture below is not her house, just an image grabbed off the internet but it is a good representation of the color.

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Have you tried BM Edgecomb Gray? Haven't seen it in real life yet, but seen lots of great pics with it. It's top of my list to check out!

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Someone posted a link to this blog on another thread, and when I saw the kitchen I thought of you. It is Benjamin Moore Gray Owl. If I were in your shoes (and I was a year or two ago and remember how much I obsessed) I would just pick it and move on.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen with BM Gray Owl

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I put up multiple swatches of BM revere pewter and didnt like. I painted half the kitchen SW amazing grey but it was too dark and blah. Ended up using BM revere pewter and LOVE the finished product. It looks quite different from a sample to a whole room.

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HeatherL, what color did you end up choosing? We are also installing a Piatra Gray countertop and looking for a warm gray/blue to go with our Revere Pewter family room (love the color, btw). Attached a picture with our options, as well as a sample of the Piatra.

BM Mt Rainer Gray / SW Sleepy Blue
BM Yarmouth Blue / BM Silver Blue

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I just painted my dining room and living room Edgecomb Gray and I would NOT consider it a "gray" but more of a beige. The name is deceiving.

Revere Pewter had a greenish cast in my house.

Gray Owl is nice, as is Stonington Gray.

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Thank you all so much for the suggestions!

I've been obsessing over these colors for quite some time now so most of the colors you all told me I had already sampled. lol!

I was able to go look at the revere pewter in my friends home and I still wasn't impressed. In the places where it actually looked gray I loved it, but I couldn't handle the beige, which is what I saw most of. She had several areas of her home painted this color so I felt like I got to see the color for what it truly is.

The hard part about all of this is that I cannot sample these colors in my own house. The house is a custom spec house so at closing the house needs to be finished. So, as GauchoGordo suggested, I can't just get the walls primed and paint when we move in.

I had thought about getting ozark shadows lightened. I found a blogger through Pinterest who had done that and I loved it in her home. The problem with this is that I am not talking directly to the painter or Benjamin Moore, so I don't feel comfortable with asking for the lightened color in fear that it may come out wrong. We've had some previous miscommunications and I don't want any more trouble. So unfortunately, that is out.

So with all that being said I ended up picking BM moonshine!!! It's not exactly what we are looking for, but it's dark enough to feel like there is actually color on the wall. It is also light enough to be a good base to build around. My main concern with this color though is that it may end up reading too blue. My dad used to be a residential painter and has told me that he will come paint if we don't like it. So we will live with it for a few months and see how we feel. I will definitely post pictures once it's all together!

& just FYI the two other paint colors I ended up getting really torn between were smoke embers and stonington.

Thanks again everybody!!! You guys are the best!

Psyche45 - Piatra grey quartz is gorgeous! So glad to see more people using it! :)
I am kind of digging your two samples on the left BM Mt Rainer Gray and BM Yarmouth Blue

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Heather, we went with the Yarmouth Blue. Hopefully they are painting tomorrow, so we'll see it soon!

Happy to find another Piatra Gray fan! Looking forward to your reveal. The description sounds knock out.

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