How do you store your dog food in the kitchen?

peridot44October 5, 2012

How do you store your dog food in the kitchen?

Is it in a trash pull-out? In a broom closet? In the pantry? Do you have it out in the open in some sort of decorative container?

For those of you who have it in a trash cabinet, does it share a cabinet with your trash?

Would love to see photos. Thanks.

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I keep ours in 4 large LockNLock containers stacked on a shelf in a tall cabinet. I can't have it in an unsealed container, or we will be invaded by ants. The containers are easy for me to manage as I have a back problem, and I know when I start using the last one that it's time to buy more.

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We store ours in a bin in the corner peninsula cabinet, since that's the corner of the kitchen where we feed the dog.

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Small dog. I store it in a decorative container on the counter. I keep full bags in the freezer.

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We had stainless steel insert made for one of our deep drawers. Holds the contents of the large size (40lb I think) bag of dog food.

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Taggie - all I can think about is how badly the dog(s) must be dying to figure out how to open that drawer!

We just keep our dog food in the pantry in a sealed container. She's only 20 lbs though, so I just buy 8lb bags.

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what I think of with taggie's drawer is - ants don't need to be able to open the drawer! I'd have ants everywhere.

I keep mine in a 40lb bin (for dog food) in the laundry/utility room just outside of the kitchen.

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Lol, desertsteph, it's nice to know there are at least some advantages -- no matter how meager -- to living in inland Canadian climes. But I'm sure I'ld gladly trade you for the ants once I'm putting winter tires on the car and shoveling a foot of snow from the drive.

Mrsjoe, he is a very good boy and wouldn't dare go help himself without permission .... but he certainly knows where it is and sometimes sits there with a hopefully look (you know that looks puppies all teach themselves to perfect when we're at our most vulnerable with them) :)

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In the pantry in a 5 gallon bucket with a Gamma Seal Lid. And the new puppy has been known to sniff under the pantry door.

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We keep ours in an old sheetrock container with the lid in our pantry. I know, fancy!

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Don't have a picture yet, but our large plastic bin (with flip top) will go on a blum rollout tray behind a cabinet door. His bowls will be under a kitchen "desk" area which we don't intend to use as a desk.

Great question. Houzz has had some interesting ways to incorporate the dog into kitchen designs.

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We keep our cats' dry food in a plastic pet food container stored on a pull-out in one of our pantry cabs (next to their feeding area, which is under the msg ctr in our kitchen). The pull-out also holds their cans of wet food, their food dishes, extra water dish, etc.

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In our "Pet Center". It's a corner cabinet turned 90-degrees that faces the foyer where we feed our dogs. It's the only cabinet that has two roll out tray shelves (ROTS). I meant to order it as a trash pullout type cabinet with the door attached to the bottom ROTS and an independent top ROTS, but I forgot to tell my KD about it until it was too late (I was so focused on the inside of the kitchen!)

I put the bottom ROTS as low as I could. On that shelf is the dog food (for 3 standard poodles) in a 6-gallon Popcorn Factory can with a tight fitting lid; treats are in a 2-gallon Popcorn Factory can.

I put the top ROTS as high as possible and store pet meds, leashes, collars, etc.

The top drawer holds batteries and flashlights and similar items.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread: Tks buehl - OT ? - Pet Center

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We keep it in a lock-n-lock container on the counter, and store extra in 1 gallon ziplock bags in the freezer. He's only 35 pounds, so a 30 pound bag of food lasts awhile (but its cheaper in the large bags, if you can call Fromm cheap).

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The big 40 lb bags of cat and dog food stay in the basement up on a table. For the dog, as needed, we put some in a tupperware container that in the old kitchen sat on the counter for lack of anywhere else to put it. In the new kitchen the container will go on a shelf in the pantry.

The cats food goes into a container with a screw top lid and sits out right next to her bowl.

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