soapstone countertop thickness?

prahxofOctober 19, 2012

what's the minimum thickness for a soapstone kitchen countertop? we currently have 3/4" laminate, and would rather not raise the countertop level by 1/2" to put in a 1-1/4" top.

can soapstone be done at just 3/4"? how about 1"?


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just get 2cm soapstone

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We were advised the 3/4" is at risk for breakage and M. Tex wouldn't guarantee it. We asked because of course the thinner slab was the most appealing to us. We went with the inch and a quarter.

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thanks -- is inch-thick unavailable -- i.e. was inch and a quarter the only other choice?

(and, in any case, how do you like the 1-1/4", given that you were hoping for the thinner look? (i'm attracted to the look. my wife is attracted to keeping the current height, since she's just 5'1". every little bit counts! :-)

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Circus Peanut

I wonder if there's a difference in breakage risk between different types of soapstone? Our butler's pantry has the original 3/4" soapstone counters from 1910 and are going strong despite many decades of abuse. I'm hoping to replicate these when I put in new soapstone counters in the remaining portions of the kitchen -- you make me nervous that this might not be possible. (This is local Maine soapstone, possibly not available to large distributors like M.Tex?)

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2cm Soapstone is going to be extremely difficult to find. As an importer we only bring in 3cm. This will serve you best.

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You don't want to go too thin especially around the sink area. You need strength there. My soapstone is 2 pieces on opposite walls. One piece is more or less 1 1/4" and the other varies up to 1 3/4" on the sink wall. At first I expressed concern about the big variance in the 2 pieces(OK I complained) but now I really like the substantial thickness by the sink. If I had ordered that thickness all around I would have paid an up charge but it didn't cost more. No one notices the variance and I'm just happy that they found a slab of the hard
variety that I wanted...
Since the softness of SS varies so much by type I would stick with 1 1/4", especially if that's what the SS dealer recommends.
Circuspeanut brings up a good point about her 3/4" original SS. It is probably from a local quarry and has survived b/c those varieties were so durable. SS was the original New England countertop material.

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