Walk-in Pantry vs. Pull-out Pantry-- Which to do?

fatladyOctober 16, 2012

We're building new and are planning to build a pantry as a part of our mudroom off of our kitchen. A walk-in pantry is on most people's dream house list but wouldn't a large cabinet with pull-out drawers be more efficient (both in terms of space and organizition) than a walk-in pantry? Has anyone opted for a this instead?

I understand its nice to see everything at once, but is that the only advantage? What am I missing here?

BTW, we have a decent size kitchen (20' x 16') and we will have a cabinet with pullout drawers for a food in the kitchen. This mudroom pantry is for overflow (i.e. bulky Costco items and storage).

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I had a walk in pantry in our previous house, a full size cabinet with pull outs in the house we rented while building, and now have a large walk in in our new build. I really, really like a walk in pantry, didn't realize how much til I had to use the cabinet one.

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I grew up in a family of 7 with parents who truly cooked. You could find anything you ever needed in their pantry...which was NOT a walk. It was something like this picture but ran the full cabinet height. However, in our house I am planning a walk-in pantry. I like to be able to see everything at once, and there is room for larger bulk items in the walk in style. There were no warehouse stores where I grew up, so storing larger items wasn't an issue.

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I'd prefer a walk in or at least a 'step in' pantry. I wouldn't want to be pulling things open just to find it didn't hold what I was looking for.

OTOH - I have thought that a 'pantry' that is divided horizontally might be nice. Like maybe 2 doors on the top half for food products and 2 lower doors for storage of 'things' - small appl, paper towels, insulated bag, roaster etc

of course then if I'm going to the store and want to check a food supply need AND grab the insulated bag before I go - I'm opening too many doors!

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I have both - the walk in - which tends to get out of control but just re-organized, so hopefully will stay neat (not a great design) and a pull out pantry for some more used items.
I would recommend well designed walk in pantry!!!

As a youngster - our "pantry" was in the basement and we referred to it as the "store". It was fun to go shop in the store and bring items to the kitchen.

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I have a pull-out and it works great because I have a lot of other cabinetry to store items. I have labels on each pull-out (ie cereal, soups, canned veggies, crackers, etc). It helps to know when to restock. I've gotten lazier over time and use the labels more as a guideline.

I have never had a walk-in; however I really wish I had one for designated kitchen items such as bulk paper towels, larger kitchen appliances, my good silverware box, extra coolers, tupperware containers, etc. Everything would be more visible. Plus it seems kind of nostalgic like something grandma used to have.

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