How many watts over island and kitchen table?

Mom23EsOctober 6, 2012

I am hanging two pendants over my island. Each one can have four 60w bulbs. Pretty sure 480w all together will be blindingly bright, even on a dimmer. I found pretty bulbs that only come in 25w. Would a total of 200w on a dimmer over my 5.5x6.5 island be enough?

My kitchen table will just have one chandelier. It can hold six 60w light bulbs. Again, those pretty bulbs I like only come in 25w. Is 150w enough over a kitchen table? I'm trying to convince myself that it is enough, but I don't really believe it. Lol.

What is an appropriate amount of light over an island and kitchen table? Both will be on dimmers.

Here's my in progress kitchen pic- lights are being hung in the house today and tomorrow. Kitchen table goes in space in front of the island- there are sliding glass doors there that you can't see in the pic.

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Is all of this incandescent? And are you depending on the pendants for task lighting?

Sorry to be pedantic, but with the range of bulb technologies out there now, wattage does not correspond to how much light you actually get -- lumens would be more useful.

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Gorgeous cabinets!

I put 2 pendants over my island, each hold 2 60 watt bulbs. PLENTY! I can't see putting them on full blast.

The chandelier over the table takes 5 60watt bulbs. Again, plenty. I do have recessed lights as well, it looks like you do too.

I have really a lot of lights, and everything is on dimmers.

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I don't think 150 watts over the kitchen table is enough, especially if you are doing homework or reading there. By the way love your cabs! What brand are they?

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I finally accepted that I can't use the pretty flame bulbs from RH in my kitchen. Worse things could happen. My builder finally got my lights installed, and he supplied the bulbs- the maximum wattage allowed. Holy cow! My island could be used as a helicopter landing pad. I'll be swapping out those bulbs and adding a dimmer switch ASAP. Lol.

Maggie- I have Medallion cabinets. So far I'm pleased, but I haven't exactly used them yet. My builder didn't offer many choices. Medallion was the only brand he offered that had a bright white non-thermafoil cabinet color.

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