New house kitchen area

RhondaNashOctober 4, 2012

We are concerned about sink vs stovetop placement in the island and overall layout. Comments please.

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I am not a layout expert by any stretch, but may I say I am seriously coveting that big laundry room!!!

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No joke!!! ^

I have a friend here in the neighborhood that has a very similar layout, but her stove and ovens are swapped. I will ask her how it is working. It certainly seems to function well...but she has made some desparaging remarks about the main sink being in the island. However, with no window on the other walls, it was preferable to her to have a view of something, rather than nothing while at the sink.

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My kitchen has its one and only sink in an island that is not as big as yours. I do not have seating at my island but it faces a small seating area and my backyard. When I am prepping and cleaning up I can visit with people sitting there or just watch what is happening out in the yard. More time is spent prepping and cleaning up that actually cooking so I would opt for the sink in the island so you can face your family room. Also it will be easier to vent for your cooktop if it in a location other than the island

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I am always concerned about have a long run of counter. Might you move the stack of ovens to the right so you have a bigger run.

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A personal thing, but I wouldn't choose to do my prep and cooking standing staring at a wall 24" ahead with upper cabinets even closer in my face. The stove and refrigerator on each side are very convenient, though.

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This wasn't one of your choices, but I'd save the island for prep, and not have either the stove or dirty dishes collecting in the middle of the room. That would give you room to move and work, while a pleasant way to view family, guests, and the other room without working over dirty dishes or a hot stove with a loud fan.

Just an opinion you're free to ignore: I would want the oven by the baker's rack, and would consider putting the fridge at the end of the stove run by the door to the pantry area, allowing the cooktop to move down behind the island more. Then the main sink and dw on the wall at the bottom and a prep sink in the island. --Or better yet put the fridge and/or baking area (rack and oven) across against the top wall (where it says "pocket door") and keep the bottom wall free for dish storage by the sink and dw.

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Yes, the laundry room is large, but it's not usefully large. It doesn't have extra counter space or a extra freezer or anything like that using that room. It's a dance floor. That's why I'd suggest moving the powder room into that unused space and expanding the kitchen enough to be able to get the main sink off of the island and to really have enough room for a baking area. I'd use some of that additional space for a corner pantry and a lot more of it for a bigger and better functioning island with a prep sink on it.

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^ Yes, but we don't know...there might be a reason for that floor space. As the exhausted, but proud owner of a new puppy, I look at that space with envious eyes. Until my puppy is trained, his crate and play yard are in my mudroom and it is TIGHT! :)

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I appreciate all of your input. I have additional floor space because I am in a wheelchair and need room to move around. That is why there is also an elevator and pocket doors. The counter next to the ovens is reserved for an accessable cofffee bar and I am now considering putting a freezer in the laundry room. I look forward to all advice and comments. Thank you.

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Well that makes perfect sense! :) I really think you'll be fine with your main sink in the island. Your DW is right there. How deep will you be able to get the sink? Also, is your kitchen a one or two cook kitchen? Again, I personally would be inclined to swap the ovens and cook top particularly if there is usually only one cook. This is for functional as well as aesthetic reasons as I think it is prettier to center the hood/cooktop on the wall. It makes a prettier focal point than wall ovens! :)

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My kitchen was originally drawn up similar to yours. I took out the double ovens and seperate cooktop and went with a 48 inch range that had the 2 ovens under it. It is placed center on the wall where your double ovens are. I have a full size sink in my island. It is across from the range. This gave me more counter space and the ability to do a beautiful range hood and ceramic tile backsplash. Good Luck! Oh, and I love my layout. After a year and a half, I don't regret making the changes I did.

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Thank you for all of your responses. My thoughts are leaning towards moving the wall ovens over as suggested and making the stovetop and ventilator (fan) the focal point. My husband thinks the stovetop should go in the island with a downdraft fan. He does not want a full range. He wants the double oven separate. We considered stacking the microwave with a double oven but are worried about the heigt for others. i thought of putting the microwave in the island but am concerned about grandkids putting things in there and pushing button.

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If you really want the MW in the island, maybe you could get a switch put in that turns the circuit on and off like a power strip would. You could put it inside an adjacent cabinet that you can put a child lock on.

My friend has her disposal switch under the sink so she can reach it easier as well as child lock the door.

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Anyone have any thoughts on stacking the built in microwwave on top of a double oven or on top of GE's oven and a half?

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Here's what we're gonna do. Stovetop has gone to the island, it will have a down vent. Ovens (double stacked with microwave) have moved to the far right. Sink has moved left with dishwasher to the right. The island has remained bi-level. What do you think?

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