Your quick opinion on my beadboard please...timely :)

Madeline616October 18, 2012


Is it okay to have 2 different styles--namely 1.5" width and 3" width--of beadboard in one small-ish kitchen?

We're designing my parents' kitchen cabinets for their new cottage. Light, bright, West Indies style yellow stucco cottage with white trim, light blue exterior doors and lots of sun light.

An open floorplan, the interior will be somewhere between casual French country and sunny beach cottage. You can take in the whole kitchen when you're standing in the great room, it's all one big room.

We selected beadboard for 2 areas only--the island and the hood. I didn't want to go over(bead)board :) The island is situated in front of the range, so you'll see the hood and island very much at the same time.

We prefer the 3" width beadboard to the 1.5", meaning 3" between beads (so wider boards).

The hood is being made right now with 3" beadboard, but the island was already made using 1.5". We can pay the cabinet maker to change it (probably won't cost too much, he's reasonable), or leave as is.

The 1.5" on the island won't bother me, in and of itself, but I'm wondering if it'll clash to have 1.5" and 3" in the same small kitchen.

Maybe it's actually a cool design element to have the 2 different widths? I can't decide.

Would love your input! Thanks :)

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If you prefer the 3" beadboard, then I would have the island and hood match, if possible. I'd rather have some fun fabrics draw your eye into the space, not the competing beadboard. Just my two cents...but love the description and hope you take pictures, when it's done :)

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Depends on the size of the hood to the size of the island to me. Let's say the hood is 30" and the island is 60". Then the scale between the two items might play nicely in the same space. Especially if they are "stacked" on top of one another visually. It will define each element. Maybe it would even make the hood read as more expansive.

This is all based strictly on my imagination...but I think it could be okay.

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I think it will be fine if it's just on the island. If it bugs you, see how much is will cost to change. Would love to see pics of this place when done!

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I don't think it would clash.... I'm thinking that there will most likely be some kind of bar/counter stool in front of the bead board at the island?? I would assume that if this were the case, the stools would camouflage the discrepancy.

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Thanks for the input!

Looks like I have another day to think about it b/c cabinet guy didn't give me the cost to change it today as planned.

@lav - I defnitely do prefer the wider stuff. But I'm going through this asymmetrical phase where quirky/slightly unmatched seems fun...phase being the operative word. The island is pretty darn permanent ;) ;)

@grl - yes, they are "stacked" so to speak, with the island directly in front of the run of cabinets that has the hood. And yes, the hood is 30" and island is approx 65"

@chloe - yes, I did consider the bar stool thing. They'll definitely break up the island, and possibly make it not so noticeable.

@mpinto - will post pics when house if finished...I think it's going to be adorable :)

Thanks again!! Will wait on cabinetmaker's quote and go from there. Based on your opinions, I feel comfortable enough leaving as-is, if the estimate is too costly.

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Since I too prefer the wider I would chage it especially since the island I assume is larger than the hood. That said I will add my reason would be based on personal taste not that I think they will clash.

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