Buying cabinet hardware from UK

lalitharOctober 15, 2012

Turns out that the iron type hardware we like is cheaper and more available in UK. Has anyone ordered hardware from abroad before? Anything I should look out for? Do you run into any import duties etc. The specific hardware I am looking at is frm Kirkpatrick.

Several kitchen decisions are lining up this week. So apologize for multiple posts..


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better email them-perhaps they'll take a wire transfer for the amount. We tried to order something for a bath....they did not accept UScredit cards. We ended up with a friend over there making the purchase,etc. Other contacts to track down a source in the US:Riegsecker Cabinets [Amish], Cuisines Lauriere[period French Canadian cabinetry]...Williamsburg Va Craftsmen guild ,Boston Fine Arts Museum or a New England Craftsman's guild...did you try Colonial Brass hardware...I think they do custom, or would help you locate what you need.

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Take a look at Robinson's . I bought all of my kitchen hardware from them. You can have the real thing and not have to go out of the country at all. They have wonderful service and gorgeous pieces. Good Luck. c

Here is a link that might be useful: Robinson's

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Hi trailrunner,

I did heck out Robinsons several times .. they have a lot of beautiful brass stuff but not enough of the rustic iron I am looking for. I will call again as I know their inventory changes.

herbflavor --> I had ot thought of the credit card issue.. I will call and check tonight.

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That is too bad as all of mine is the rustic iron. Do check with him...he has lots of inventory and sources. Also contact Nor'east Architectural Salvage. They are in NH and I used them for a ton of stuff and I know they have hardware and lots of sources too. There is a place in New Orleans that also has a ton of stuff but no online store to speak of so that would likely be out for you. Nor'east will email lots of pics to help you. c

Here is a link that might be useful: nor'east hardware link

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Did you look at White Chapel? A lot of their hardware comes from the UK. Their customer service is excellent.

Here is a link that might be useful: White Chapel Hardware

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I bought several hardware pieces from a UK firm. They had these great leather handles that I wanted for my closet builtins. They were not set up for international retail, so I had to wire sterling from my brokerage account. The order was pretty substantial so i did not mind, but on a small order it may not make any sense.

By contrast, fwiw, I also bought a lot of lighting from another UK co and French co, both of whom accepted Visa, so it was not big deal.

The shipping and customs were not terribly time consuming, but it is of course more costly depending on how it must be shipped.

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Jmcgowan- whitechapel is where I started my search..their pricing for iron hardware is in the range of $32. The exact same hardware is �4 if I order from UK.

mtnrdredux- I love those leather handles. Can you share your source? I have been eyeing some called Bridle handles. I am going to call some of these guys and check today.

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They carry lot of kinds, this was the one I bought. I think this is about half what US retailers charge, but then it is only worth it if you are buying enough such that the cost of wiring funds and shipping goods doesn't exceed your "savings". I love them, btw, what a great feel

Here is a link that might be useful: This is my source

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Sophie Wheeler

One thing to note is that most European pulls are "males" and not "females" like the American style ones. That makes the interior of your drawer a bit more hazardous due to the stub and nut being there rather than a much smoother bolt head. You can try to drill a countersink area in the drawer interior, but that's difficult to do without a right angle drill, and you sometimes will have to cut off the bolt end to keep it within the countersink area. That can leave the remaining threads at the cut site a bit wonky to get the nut started onto, as well as the bolt shaft needing deburring to avoid shredding your hands.

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