undersink detergent dispenser question

pitpatOctober 6, 2012

We installed a Kohler faucet a few years ago (don't know the model # anymore), and the soap dispenser bottle did not fit with our undersink configuration. I would really like to get something that works, since we already have the hole (the pump is in the hole so it looks OK, but of course only air comes out right now), and I am wondering if we might be able to use a non-Kohler dispenser. Are different brands compatible? What do we need to know to find something that would work? The width of the bottle mouth? Obv we would measure the space under the sink to see what we can jam in there, but what else do we need to know?


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Our faucet looks a lot like this one. Btw, we love the faucet. The pull-down is great. I was initially worried about the faucet spinning around 360 degrees, as there is no backsplash or wall behind it, but it hasn't been a problem yet.

Here is a link that might be useful: similar faucet

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you can use a NeverMT or a home-made version of same, where the bottle sits on the cabinet floor and is connected to the pump with tubing. Then you can keep what you have for the actual pump part.

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I had seen the NeverMT mentioned in a couple of threads but then forgot to look into it. That sounds like a great option, and the DIY one as well. One of these should work out. Thank you!!!!!

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I went to HD and bought a 25' roll of tubing for about $3. Cut to length and insert into a big bottle of soap. I'm set in the kitchen and bathroom now. I took the soap dispenser with to make sure the tubing was the right size.

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I'm a little embarrassed that I spent so much on a NeverMT, now that I've seen that it's little more than plastic tubing with directions. (Helpful directions, though: if you DIY plastic tubing, be sure to prime the pump, and it helps to warm the tubing in water before trying to jam it on your soap dispenser draw tube.) The most helpful thing a NeverMT gives you is caps in several different sizes for different soap bottles. But I think you could drill the proper size hole in the soap bottle's existing cap just fine. I do love my NeverMTs, though!! FWIW...

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We got the NeverMT, and I love it! I only wish we had done it sooner. DH could definitely have done a DIY job, but I don't know when it would have happened. We agreed that spending the money would be worth it to have it done right away. I installed it myself and am so glad to have that Palmolive bottle off the sink/counter.

Thanks again for the help!

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The NeverMT also has a backflow valve ($2-4 at aquarium supply stores) and the tops with holes. The valve helps keep the soap in the tubing so you don't have to pump and pump before you get any soap. If your soap doesn't tend to slde back down, maybe that isn't a big deal, but if it is, the gas to drive to an aquarium shop and then the cost of the valve will more than make up for getting the Never MT in the first place. I bought three and got one free, so it made sense to just order them while I was waiting for the kitchen to be installed.

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