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WagleOctober 11, 2013

I've long been a lurker here on GW. However, we are going to sign the contract today for our new kitchen and I thought there is a chance I haven't thought of something and wanted to ask for input. Please disregard the layout in the drawing from homedepot. I only am using that for measurements. Island size will be 48x48
Our choices are
J&K cabinetry in Java Maple
Silestone countertop and backsplash in bamboo this will also run to the ceiling behind fan.
our flooring isn't being changed
Sigranit sink in truffle
Not sure on faucet yet.
Already own LG french door fridg
Bosch induction 500 series 36" (thanks to GW)
Kitchenaid convection microwave, oven and warming drawer, and dishwasher.
Trash pullout in island
Not sure yet about the lower corner cabinet--please any suggestions would be great.

Thanks, Lorie

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I have a U-shaped kitchen, so 2 corners. I used to have diagonal uppers as you have shown, and i HATED them - there was far too much surface area for the size of the door, and things either got lost in the back or I couldn't reach them (or both). In my new kitchen, I put in Easy-reach uppers, and I love them.

One of my base corners has a Super Susan in a diagonal cabinet, with a drawer above. I had a local cabinet maker build mine, so I could get whatever I wanted - I don't know what your options are in your brand.

My other corner is closed off completely, with drawers on each side of the corner. My kitchen is small, and I felt it was better to use space efficiently, instead of trying to squeeze out every last inch of storage. Here's a photo - once the countertops were installed, the corner became completely inaccessible (though I did drop a time capsule in there).

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Here is a better picture of the floor plan.
I just wanted to check and make sure I've thought everything out.
Is the island big enough or too big.
Is there anything I haven't addressed?

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It looks like you only have one drawer stack. I'd add as many as possible. There's a part of me that wants to flip the range and sink (I know....window) for functionality reasons.

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I like your suggestions. I am seriously considering letting go of the bottom corner.
I will ask about the drawer stacks- that would definitely be do-able.
and yeah, I don't like where the stove top is either but, Pretty much the only place I can put it. However, the fridg and oven's are trading places. will make it so much easier to get a drink!

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I somehow missed the oven placement. That'll help for sure! I still want to orient the island the other way. Is there ant way to bump out the left side even with what I think is a glass door?

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I like the idea of swapping the fridge and oven.
I also gave a super Susan. I thought about the easy reach but stayed with the corner and put Susans on the 2 upper shelves.

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remodelfla -
So what I am hearing is that the island should be slightly larger and be north/south versus east/west.Also, there will be some overhang on each end. My contractor calls it an eyelash type treatment.

will definitely have susans in the uppers. this will no doubt get lost in there.

I added one more drawer stack!

Thanks for the suggestions.

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