Help with zones for this kitchen please

dckitremOctober 14, 2012

We switch (it seems daily) between redoing our kitchen and just getting new appliances and countertop and moving on.

Here is the current layout. When we moved in 7 years ago, we unpacked the kitchen and never looked back. In the morning, my husband and I seem to be bumping into each other a lot (partially because of the distance between the sink, stove, and fridge).

Is there a way to set up this layout using zones to make it more user friendly? Meaning I would move the necessary items to the zone that they belong in. Obviously we would have prep/cooking/cleaning zones. But where is the best spot to prep? Near the sink? Between the stove and the fridge? I would also like to have a spot for making the kids lunches where I could store all their thermos and reusable lunch stuff.

There are uppers all around the L and only on the right wall. We would make the counter at the raised bar area all one height and make it a little bigger to accommodate seating on the other side. The granite is only 12 inches deep and too small for doing anything but collecting junk!

Any thoughts?


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Are you willing to move around the cabinets that you currently have? Are you on slab or crawlspace? That will determine how easily plumbing might be altered. If you are on slab and aren't able to move around the existing cabinetry, then I'd be planning a serious to the studs kitchen remodel to address the functionality issues here.

If you are on crawlspace and can move stuff around, then swapping the double ovens and the fridge and adding a prep sink to the right of the fridge will give you separate prep and cleanup zones, and the cleanup zone can serve as the lunch prep counter.

But, that still isn't an optimal layout for the space, so in reality, I'd just save the money and aggravation from doing a patch here and do the whole thing.

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