Long overdue white kitchen photos & details

ca_momOctober 17, 2013

Hi all,

Way overdue...finally realized my kitchen would never look like something out of AD so just took the dang photos. Remodel completed 2011, backsplash 2012. Moved kitchen to new space, so had a blank slate. Received TONS of valuable help on this forum regarding layout, surfaces, and appliances. Thanks to all...especially Buehl, Rhome, and Breezy, whose layout is quite similar.

Full view:

Left side:

Right side:

Non-built in microwave w/ nook for cookbooks & favorite cupboard with trays, cookie sheets, roaster pans, muffin tins, etc.

Love this knife block in drawer:

DIY Lee Valley cutlery drawer makes my silverware happy.

Custom cabs by Rhyne Design. Less than half of what I was quoted for semi-custom medium brand. Love them, but wish I had stood my ground on all drawers. Have ROTS for pots and pans below cooktop and pantry. White (BM Simply White) on perimeter, stained cherry on island.

Honed Carrera countertop. Yes, it etches, chips around sinks, and even has a few tiny stress fractures. I tried and tried to find something more durable that I loved as much with no luck. Don't baby it at all...and it shows, but that's fine with me. Basic narrow white subway backsplash with smaller varied blue glass subway tile behind cooktop.

Brazilian Cherry floors. Was worried about wood, but kitchen connects to family room and didn't want a divide. Wood has been no problem at all, thought my husband prefers the throw rugs we have down for comfort and protection.

Gaggenau induction 36" cooktop (relative bargain on ebay.) Love it. Pros: extra surface to put anything on, especially things for cooking prep, super easy to clean, looks cool, have my tea in a minute, use the timed hobs, consistent cooking levels. Cons: hockey puck control can be a little quirky, does click with certain and or less full pans, had to ditch a couple pots, miss my griddle--company warns against spanning two hobs with one griddle. Would do again.

Miele double ovens & warming drawer. Half price on Craig's List. Was a little worried, but works perfectly. Love this too, especially the autoroast. Really love warming drawer, and placement below counter next to cooktop is perfect.

KA dishwasher with third rack. It's fine, but I opted for this over basic Miele because of the heated dry...and I never use it, just run at night and things are dry in the morning. Do appreciate the cutlery rack, and once I started using the Finish Powerballs or the Cascade things, the cleaning is great.

Blanco Silgranit sinks in metallic gray. Love them. Have the grids too. Grohe faucets, GE microwave, Electrolux fridge.

Extremely happy with my kitchen. Random thoughts: Great for entertaining; Thanksgiving is so doable; island keeps people out of my cooking zone; lots of space to work; wood flooring & ceiling (a-grade redwood) warms up all the white; kids now cook (old kitchen the size of my Volvo)

Anyway, thanks to everyone who helped me create this!

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very nice.

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Beautiful! Love so many things about it - but the ceiling really blows me away!! thanks for taking the time to post.

(as an aside- Glad to hear you like your Miele ovens and warming drawer because i have been considering pairing a single miele oven with a 36 inch range)

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Looks like a wonderful kitchen to work in! Great job! I love that you have several windows. That ceiling is stunning. Not my style personally, but wow, gorgeous.

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Oh my gosh, beautiful!!! I love the hood, the pops of blue, the ceiling and the view of your garden is amazing! Enjoy & congrats on a job well DONE!

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Breathtaking! It is beautiful and looks so functional. Love the clock built into the hood!
That ceiling is awesome!
I will have to check out those cabs for our bathrooms - I know my semi customs were more than I planned.
When you have a chance - can you shoot a few more pictures - I will have to ogle this for some time. I especially want to see your command center.

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Ooh, that's beautiful! Yes, the ceiling is WOW. Love the light and open feeling. What wood is your ceiling? Really stunning and yes, a few more pics would be great... love the interior cab/drawer sneak peeks :)

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It's better than AD! Love the over-and-under-cabinet lighting, and the redwood ceiling? Kicker! The hood with a clock, analog no less :) and I love how the wood ceiling, floor, and stools go with the white and marble. It's light and warm at the same time, well done :) Thank you for sharing the pictures!

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I want more ceiling pics...

I have Brazilian cherry in my house too - but not in the kitchen. I am so happy with it! I don't blame you for running it all the way through.

I'd also love to see some interiors - what's above the fridge? Did you do anything fancy in your base corners? I love my Lee Valley drawer dividers too - so simple, but so effective! Can you show us the other side of the island?

More photos, please!

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Congratulations! I trust you have been enjoying your kitchen this past year. I love the ceiling -- what an unexpected choice. I also love the bevel detail on the cabinet doors.

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Beautiful kitchen, love the ceiling. Enjoy!

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ca_mom its just beautiful!
Of course the ceiling...I so want to copycat!
How big is your island? I love that you shared your appliance choices and pros and cons. Thank you!
Also Love that marble. My cabs are also Simply White and its so nice to see it together with the marble and the warm wood of the island.
Can we see a pic of the working side of the island? I love the corners of it.
Good to hear everybody's cooking! Enjoy.

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Wow. The ceiling is truly unique and beautiful.

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Just lovely. The ceiling, of course, is fabulous, but I also love the area around the cooktop. The tile BS looks great with the clean lines of the induction cooktop, and the hood with the clock is wonderful. Great job. Congratulations!

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Beautiful kitchen...clean lines...just so functional...LOVE IT! As everyone stated...I, too, love the beautiful wood ceiling! Thanks for the tip with the KA dishwasher...I, too, opted for that over the Miele...and I will use the powerball soap things.
Where did you get your pretty drawer inserts? I just bought a bunch of plastic ones from Home Goods, but now I like yours WAY BETTER! Please share the source. And what are ROTS for pans???


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Beautiful - I am by no means a kitchen design expert (that's why I come on this forum!) - but your kitchen is absolutely beautiful and functional - you should be so satisfied and happy!

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Your kitchen's layout seems to be nearly identical to one I just saw in a $2.7 million dollar house. I hope you don't mind me posting this - your kitchen seems much more welcoming.

Here is a link that might be useful: Similar kitchen

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Holly- Kay

What an absolutely beautiful kitchen! I love your cabs and your redwood ceiling is gorgeous. You planned things beautifully, not only beautiful but functional as well. Enjoy!

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Your kitchen ceiling is so, so gorgeous.

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Not something out of AD--I beg to differ! It looks wonderful!

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That first photo is the "money shot" and it definitely looks like something out of AD!!! The ceiling is amazing--simply fabulous. Love what you did and it looks incredibly functional too.

Was happy to hear about your non-babied marble as I have a feeling I won't be stressing too much about mine either. So you have had it two years now and it has a certain patina, and you still love it? Awesome!

You have some seriously long counters there and they look like they are a joy to prep and cook on. Holidays at your house for sure!!! Love the range between the windows. Such a great layout.

Post more pics--especially need to see closer up of the backsplash!

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Love it all! And that ceiling is to die for!

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Wow!!! That is one fine looking kitchen. Congrats!

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wow that first head-on picture is stunning. Love the ceiling. Good job!

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I would love to cook in your kitchen!! Plenty of counterspace, beautiful windows, sinks where you want them -- all highly functional. But it's beautiful to boot, from that vaulted wood ceiling to the gorgeous marble counters. Wow!

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Fantastic. I love the light and airy feel. The microwave open shelf is great! What cabinets do you have in the corners? Are they pull outs.

PS: I bought my gagg induction on eBay as we'll and it has been wonderful. I love the knob .. It is intuitive and the timed hobs are great.

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Hi all,

Thanks for you kind comments!

bpathome, firsthousemp & a2gemini: Here's a photo of the hood & backsplash. Had clock before...lucky me it fit right in new kitchen. And homebuyer23, thanks for noticing the blue. I shopped for tile with my Le Creuset kettle lid in hand.

deedles, annkh & others, here is a ceiling photo, as well as my living room ceiling. The wood is A-Grade Redwood. Ended up having it custom milled for the job as the lumber available had too many flaws. Thankfully that didn't increase the price too much and we got the look we wanted. My contractor had a heck of a time installing it, but was awfully proud in the end!

annkh, here's above the fridge & oven.

ppben & annkh: Yes the island is a fabulous working space, and great for kids to dine at when we're not all sitting down together. It is 8 feet by a little over 3 1/2 at it's widest. I played with a plywood piece for a while to see how it worked in the room and if I could reach across to wipe down from the sink side.

Spottythecat: Here are my ROTS which are roll out tray shelves. Honestly I would have preferred two deep drawers here, but I can't complain. My silverware dividers I did myself with Lee Valley channel things. There are a bunch of threads on this forum that I studied very hard with examples and instructions. I purchased enough to do my utensil drawer but got stuck trying to "make it perfect" so I just dropped in two wire organizers (wide drawer) and that works fine. (Anybody need my extra channel things?)

GWlolo: I like my microwave hutch too. I was worried about a built in as those darn microwaves seem to not have long lives. This is what I did in the corners. Again, I kinda wish I had those neat corner drawers that I think Buehl has. My issue with these nifty kidney shaped pull out things is that stuff can fall off of them. Nothing has yet, but I'm careful. They do glide in and out very nicely though. And my upper corners have that hinged door. Again, not my favorite, but I've had no issues with the function and like the openness of the cabinet. Gotta love ebay. And I bought from a dealer so I have that nice 5-year warranty.

annkathryn: Lovely home...just an hour south of me actually. Wish the rest of mine matched! But yes, I can attest it is a functional layout.

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Thank you so much! I would lay on the floor and look at that ceiling for hours. Then I'd sit up and admire the rest!

You did a truly fantastic job.

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I agree - I will come back and look at that ceiling shot many times!

Love the close up of your backsplash and LC tea pot!

I like your kitchen better than the other one that was posted by AnnKathryn. I agree - so much more inviting!

Have fun with the pantry - someday, we will do ours but our shape is weird...

I just noticed your above cabinet lighting - nice touch!

Keep those pictures coming.

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That ceiling is really something. Who had the idea for it? Just phenomenal and really, it ought to be seen on Houzz and I won't be surprised when it ends up all over Pinterest, too. Gee, that is so beautiful! We have western red cedar trim in a couple rooms and it reminds me of your redwood a little... such a beautiful grain.

Thanks for the interior pics.... I'm so DANG nosy but I love to see inside peoples drawers and cupboards *and yes, medicine cabinets... I'm that person*.

So, how do you like the ROTS for your pots and pans functionally? I'm seriously starting to consider having them for my pots and pans instead of drawers... I need such funny height drawers to fit my cast iron stuff that I think rots might be easier for what I need. Either that or drawers within drawers like Davidrol has, but I digress. I'd like to know your thoughts on the functional use of your rots, though, when you have time.


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We installed a redwood ceiling in our bedroom years ago. Planned on knotty pine but it was a little too "tahoe-y" for our home; found the redwood and loved it. So it was an easy call with the second remodel. We looked at cedar too but couldn't get long enough pieces to work. But it was honestly a nightmare for the guy who installed it. Then the painters wanted to paint it white!!! At least we stuck to our guns about the ceiling. Well worth all the headaches.

One downside of the roll out shelving w/in cabs is it's two separate actions to get to your stuff. Opening both doors of the cabinet wide enough not to nick the inside of the doors, then pulling out the shelf/tray. And I guess you lose a little square footage of storage too, as drawers w/o cabs would fill the space more fully. It is easy access though, as the sides of the shelves are low, and you're not reaching down into a drawer. I have serving bowls in deep drawers and have no access issues; on the other hand my warming drawer has open sides so it's super easy to lift platters in and out with the openness. If you do keep really heavy things like cast iron in just a drawer choose your handle carefully. My larger drawers on my island don't have heavy contents, but I can feel a little wiggle of the handle when I open them, so I'm gentle. Most of my cast iron is on the roll outs, and they are super substantial. (I told my cabinet maker they'd be used for cast iron.) Also, you're not pulling on a handle, you're pulling on the whole front board of the tray/shelf. I would have liked to have drawers for my "pantry" cabinet I think, having the same set up with cabinet doors and two ROTS. It's a lot of movement just to get to the baking soda. But the upside with that is once the doors are open and the shelves are pulled out I have access to both the top and bottom stuff (all baking supplies) at the same time, so it's all good. I think there are kitchen people steadfast in both camps. I gave in to my cabinet guy when he said having cabinets breaking up the drawer runs would look better. What ever combo you opt for, they both are miles ahead of the "old days" of lower cabinets with stationary shelves that you had to get down on all fours to see what the heck was lost in there! So glad to be rid of those.

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It is beautiful! I have to say the ceiling is magnificent. Better than AD!!!

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wow, gorgeous! it is hard to soak up all the details because the ceiling is especially amazing! but i love the clock inside your hood too. and so wonderful to have your kitchen match your LC collection.

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Beautiful! Such a great blend of both pretty and functional! Love the ceiling and all of the great lighting!

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My Mom has ROTS for pots and pans in her kitchen - built in 1977. Her cabinet maker was ahead of his time!

Unfortunately, the pull-out function is rarely used - the most-often used items are in the front, and we simply open one of the doors and reach in for what we need.

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Love it! I am not usually the biggest fan of white kitchens, but you have managed to create a wonderful space that manages to be both elegant and homey feeling at the same time. As for your ceiling,it is simply stunning. Job extremely well done!.

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Wow! Your kitchen does look like something out of a magazine. Your ceiling is breathtaking. Love everything. Congratulations!

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You have a beautiful, functional kitchen. I love the ceiling and glad you did not paint or pickle it. Every time I see a show on HGTV, the first thing they want to do is paint the beautiful wood. Not always necessary.


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I'm not usually a fan of a white kitchen, just my preference. But your kitchen, with that stunning ceiling and blue accents, just stole my heart. Great job! And I do think you're ready for AD. :-)

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