Height of range hood?

debs3October 10, 2008

How high should the bottom front edge of the range hood be? A measurement from the floor would be the most helpful as not all countertops are the same height. I am 5'6 and my husband is 5'11". I do most of the cooking. Cooktop is 30" gas. Hood is Miele 36" wall hood model DA 259.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Hood

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More info .... Miele recommends 26" above cooktop. That would put our hood at 62" from the floor. Would it be better if it was higher? There would be approximately a 7" set back from the front edge of the countertop to the front edge of the hood. Thank you.

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I have a Wolf gas rangetop and Wolf recommends between 30-36", a fairly wide range. You measure from the cooktop grates up for placement of the hood. Check with your manufacturer to see what they suggest.

Mine measures 34 1/2" from my grate to the bottom front edge of the hood. It's nice that it clears my head as I'm also 5'11" and the main cook. However, my Broan 1200 cfm hood with remote blower isn't that effective on the lowest setting. Luckily it's a quiet unit, so I mainly use medium.

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Most times the hood and cooktop specs will tell you where it should be. If you use the height calculator on the Miele link, it is specing between 26 and 31" above cooktop. Now,look at the specs for your cooktop and see what they specify. Code and your warranty dictate that you follow these specifications. I believe the specs are determined for maximum venting efficiency and fire safety, not unfortunately to prevent head bumping which is a serious issue. In our showroom I always have to watch that clients don't bump their heads on the hoods. For my own house, I specifically chose a hood with rounded corners for this reason.

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The height of your hood is determined by the height of your range or cooktop/rangetop. Distance from floor is not a correct measurement.

Some people raise or lower their counter which in turn affects the height of their cooktop.

So, check your hood specs to see how far off the top of the cooking surface the hood should be mounted. If it's 26", then that's what it should be. The higher you mount from spec, the wider and deeper and stronger (CFMs) it should be to compensate.

For reference, we have a 42" wide x 24" deep x 18" tall Vent-A-Hood that's mounted 29.5" off the cooktop surface. The spec says 30" so we're pretty close. (If we had gotten a 14" tall hood it would have been 24" off the cooktop.) It also happens to be 65.5" off the floor..but we measured from the countertop, not floor.

I'm 5'10" & DH is 6'5" and neither of us has had a problem w/bumping our heads or the hood getting in the way. [I was actually worried that I would bump my head so I got the emerald edge rather than the sharp edge...but no problems!]


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Mine is a bit higher than specs called for. I don't use the hood vent most of the time when I cook. But DH and I are both tall and I knew that I would be aggravated if I bumped my head or had to otherwise compensate for my everyday cooking.

It may not be the "right" way to do it, but it was the best decision for us.

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We had ours at 26" above the cooktop and it looked way too low. We're having the range hood cover shortened so it will sit 32" above the cooktop.

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While everyone is correct that hood height is not measured from the floor, it's worthwhile measure carefully from the floor and do a mock up to see if you might end up with a headwhacking problem. Once most hoods are installed it isn't easy to adjust the height, so you want to get it right the first time. My Best By Broan Island hood recommended placement 26-30" higher than the range. I found a separate brochure which recommended an additional 100 CFM for every 3" above 30". It also matters how much (if at all) your hood sticks out over your range (in terms of head whacking). The front edge of my hood comes out 1/2" past the edge of my front grate. For capture purposes, I would have preferred it to come out a couple inches more so it lined up with the front of my oven door, but something about my rafter placement and a load bearing wall made that not possible. I had an extra wide hood and 200 extra CFM, so it made sense to me to go with 31 1/2" instead of 30". My mock up showed me that anyone 5' 10" or shorter would never whack their head even if they weren't paying any attention whatsoever to the hood. I did select a hood with rounded corners and edges in case I have someone really tall cooking with me.

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If it's a built to code job that will be inspected the inspector will ask fo the range manufacteror's installation guide. If the guide says 30 inches it's 30 inches unless the local code says 36. Too low and they may make you move it.
We oversized our vent and added a remote to allow for the height. Also I use to bump my head on the old vent edge.

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Thank you to all. I did some more research because of issues you pointed to, however, my main concern is hitting our heads. I never thought about the sharp corners, too late now.

From the floor, it is 35 1/4" to the top of our counter and 36 1/2" to the top of the Wolf cooktop. The Miele hood sticks out ~20" and the front edge of the countertop below extends 7" beyond the front edge of the hood. There is a 24" work space on each side of the cooktop with cabinets above. I am 5'6" (66") and husband is 5'11" (71"). If the hood is 30" (Miele's minimum) above cooktop that equals 66 1/2" from the floor. This should be fine for me, but will hubby end up with knots on his head?

The Miele wall hood info recommends a MINIMUM of 30" above the cooktop. If we were using a Wolf hood they recommend 24" to 30" above the countertop.

Since we are using a Miele hood, if we feel we need more than 28 3/4" (Wolf hood recommendation) above the cooktop, we should be able to use the Miele specs for the inspection, right?

The hood has 625 CFMs. The minimum Wolf recommends for our Wolf
cooktop is 450 CFMs.

Thank you again, Deb

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Oldjgw Okay, sounds like we may have a problem if the inspector wants to use the Wolf recommendations vs Miele. However, the Wolf design guide, under cooktop planning information says, "When installing a ventilation hood, refer to the specific requirements of the hood for the minimum dimension to the countertop." Since we are using a Miele hood I am hoping we can use Miele's recommendation which is a minimum of 30".

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If you're following someone's written instructions I'd think it's ok. Your contractor would have hands on experience with the local inspectors.
Our guy was great. He knew where we could be "close" and where we needed to be spot on. He also made us put in six more smoke alarms because the county is really into that this year. (We passed the final on the first try and the inspector really did looked in every bedroom for the smoke alarms)
Good luck

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My countertop should end up at 35&13/16 inches above the finished floor, with the induction surfaces close to 36 inches, and the pan sides somewhat higher. (With induction, there is no gas effluent from the burners that originates lower down.) The ceiling at the sheetrock surface is at 94&3/4 inches. The Wolf island hood is 18-inches high and is mounted to a 6-inch extension. This should put the hood at 70&3/4 inches above the finished floor(and barely above my head).

The hood overhang and 1500 cfm exhaust (at zero static pressure, probably around 1000 cfm actual) should be sufficient for the induction cooktops underneath.

I consider building inspectors who fail jobs on the basis of hood height when they are unlikely to be qualified to evaluate the flow and diffusion issues to be exceeding their authority. Demanding a hood height that is hazardous in order to improve effluent collection at the margin of the effluent plumes is surely counterproductive to their function. The manufacturers' recommendations are only that. This is why a range of values are usually given.


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this has been much discussed over in the appliance forum.

there are a variety of answers and it really depends, as usual, on personal preferences and equipment.

if your hood is made of a flammable material (wood, for instance) most ranges will specify a certain distance from cooktop to flammable materials. many will also specify a recommendation for hood height for capture. often, these two specifications will be at odds with each other.

my bluestar installation instructions specified a minimum of 36" distance from my burners to my wood hood. it also specified ventilation 30" away from the burners. what to do.....?

we decided to split the difference and go 33". we went over it with our KD and contractors multiple times. and then i came home and it had been installed at 30". the sub said it had to be that way in order to get the hood, upper, and crown to line up.

so we left it. and it's fine. sometimes all the planning in the world doesn't end up mattering.

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Thank you everyone for you help.

We hung it at 32" above the countertop, which puts it 67.25" from the floor.
Seems like it will be just fine.

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For reference, we have a 42" wide x 24" deep x 18" tall Vent-A-Hood that's mounted 29.5" off the cooktop surface. The spec says 30" so we're pretty close. (If we had gotten a 14" tall hood it would have been 24" off the cooktop.) It also happens to be 65.5" off the floor..but we measured from the countertop, not floor.

Here is a link that might be useful: range hoods

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Interesting to see so many others with this issue! We are at the point where we have received the appliances, but they arent' installed yet. Counter aren't in yet either. The carpenter drew in the line where the bottom of the hood would be (Best by Broan) and it looked disturbingly low. 26" above counter. I spent some time last night building a fake hood out of cardboard and styrofoam. The result was that I could see that I'd be bumping my head every time I try to cook. I'm 5'5" and my DH is 6'2". He would have to crouch over to stir the soup! I don't know what to do, as there is a cabinet above where the hood is, so no room to raise the hood. Will I need to buy a different hood?! Or can this one really be cut shorter, as someone else mentioned. I think 30" would be fine, but don't know how to manage getting there.

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